Feel Good Post

For all of you that think all I can do is gripe, complain and argue about the church and people in the church…. well here you go. Something positive. (I do have a life you know).

Here are just a few things that make me smile and grateful to be alive.

My sons… anytime, anywhere. They are, quite literally, my right and left arm. (My attempt of an “artful” photo of them —–>>>)

My oldest, Bryson… he makes me smile. He’s a young man now, however he still wants the affection and love of the little boy he won’t be for long… as long as none of his friends are around. Seeing him grow up, watching him interact with his friends, other adults and “that girl” he likes. Watching him play basketball and giving 100% everytime he hits the court. Watching the way he loves his little brother and seeing him step up to help me around the house when I need it. I love my Brydog.

My youngest, Grant…. he makes me smile. When I walk in the front door and he yells “Da Da” and comes running up to me and gives me the biggest hug possible… it doesn’t get any better than that. His infectious laugh. His beautiful art. The non-stop questions about what this is, what that is, what this means and how to spell every word known to man. The way he can get under his brothers skin in one minute, and the next have his brother wrapped around his little finger. He loves his “bubba”. I love my little man.

Thinking back on the trip I took with the boys to San Diego recently… this makes me smile. It truly was one of the happiest times in recent memory. We took the train down, road in taxis around town, and went to SeaWorld. We were drenched by Shamu. By the way, when they say “soak zone” they mean it (see pic to the left – we are freezing)!

My job… makes me so grateful. I work at the best place anyone could ever work. I am so lucky to have the job I have, work with the friends I have made over the years and get to wear whatever I damn well please everyday. It’s nice getting up in the morning and wanting to go to work. Every job has its moments, but when the moments come I just think of the alernatives and it’s just not that bad anymore.

My friends… make me smile and grateful… all at the same time. I haven’t been a great friend to some of you over the past couple of years. Actually, I have put some of you through the ringer as I shuffled through life. But I think I am coming around… a few minor setbacks here and there, but I might just make it. Some of you are long time friends and some of you are new. Some of you I have never met face to face. But one thing is for certain… all of you are dear to me for the love, grace, understanding and acceptance you have given me.

So here’s a belated toast to 2007…. to smiles and happiness in the New Year.


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  1. <>“They are, quite literally, my right and left arm”<><><>Literally<><>? That conjured up a great image. Thankfully the photos would seem to contradict it!! ;o)Parenthood … definitely the greatest source of my joy too. To quote Ally McBeal of all people(!),<>“You have no idea of your capacity to love til you become a parent”<>.

  2. Thanks for putting things in perspective Steve. I’ve gone through a very long down period with church and my family is so understanding. And you, and all of the other internet friends I’ve made, have been helpful beyond your own understanding. Thanks for your honesty.

  3. I must say I am pleasantly shocked. Being one of the ones you’ve never met face-to-face, I was sure that you were a Cylon undercover agent, programmed to distroy all of christianity.I’m kidding of course… and yes I am a huge nerd–and damn proud of it!!Thanx for bringing some much needed balance to the force and letting in a little fresh air. However I do look forward to the next smelly, steaming post, which is surely soon to come.oh yeah… nice kids.

  4. i remember when i went through a church split and other real nasty church stuff, my family was always my sactuary in the storm… my wife and three children… good artsy pic of the boys!

  5. steve, that post was a masterful move, calming the turbulent waters here. you handled the brewing community chaos like a seasoned old Internet pro. a very nice read, too. it was really cool to get to know your boys a little better. thanks!

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