A Post About Something

Someone told me the other day that I desperately need to post something new to my blog… and my first reponse was, “What blog?” They replied, “Stupid Church People”. And I said… “Oh, thaaaat blog!”

Hard to imagine that I might have forgotten about SCP (and I really haven’t), but it certainly hasn’t been in the forefront of my mind. Moving into a new place, working, life stuff…. all of that means SCP took a backseat for a couple of weeks.

I was walking and talking with a friend last weekend, and we were laughing about the reaction so many people have to this blog and website. It wasn’t a long conversation where we analyzed why people reacted on the site the way they do, but it was more of an acknowledgment of just how seriously people take it when you talk about “their church”. Or maybe we concluded it’s just when you call a segment of the population “stupid”… or maybe… it’s the way people react when you use the phrase “blow your (effin) brains out!”

Yes, yes, yes! I know. This site is meant to provoke a response. I admit it. And that’s why (by and large) I rarely get upset at people’s reactions.

However, one of the things that continually intrigues me is how people urge me to “quit bitching and complaining and start doing something about the church”. Well, maybe I have said it before, but let me say it again….


Now, it may not be what you would like me to do, but it is what I am doing. This IS doing something! And if you can’t see that, then this site is named aptly just for you.

Many of you would have me enter back into a mainstream church, get involved in some type of capacity and provoke change as an insider. Others would say that I should start my own church, gather like-minded people around and create our own brand of church “for people that don’t like church” or whatever. Several people have mentioned using this platform for an even more “positive” approach in building up the church and encouraging people. And my answer to any and all of these types of suggestions is….


You may not like what I am doing and how I do it, but my goal and purpose (did I just say “purpose”??) here is to create a place where:

1) Disillusioned and hurting “church people” can see they are not alone.
2) Stupid Church People are provoked (and even pissed off).
3) All “church people” can laugh at themselves.
4) Dialogue can occur among a variety of people and their ideas.
5) The truth is spoken (not necessarily ultimate truth, but honest and straightforward feelings, perspectives and opinions).

When people visit this site, they usually have one of two basic reactions. The first one is they “get it”… and they may stick around and read, respond, get involved, form an opinion and then go back into their previously scheduled lives. The second reaction is this… they don’t get it or they don’t like it. And these people at that point either move on OR they stick around and read, respond, get involved, form an opinion and then go back into their previously scheduled lives.

Call me crazy (how’s that for an open invitation), but from where I sit, SCP is DOING SOMETHING. And from the amount of feedback I have gotten over the past two years, it’s even doing something that’s positive in the lives of some people.

A Post About Something (TEST)

Someone told me the other day that I desperately need to post something new to my blog… and my first reponse was, “What blog?” They replied, “Stupid Church People”. And I said… “Oh, thaaaat blog!”

Yeah… sometimes I forget I have this blog. Now while that might be bit of an extreme statement to say I have forgotten about SCP, I can certainly tell you it hasn’t been in the forefront of my mind. Here’s a list of other things that have taken precedence in my life…

1) Moving: I just moved into a new place. Again.

Yeah, it was about this time last year that I sold the home I owned and moved into my first rental in many, many years. That was a tough move brought about by situations not completely in my control and that it made it a tough move. This move however, had a completely different vibe. Ironically, I have relocated back to only three houses down from where I originally lived a year ago. That’s right, yours truly is back in the old stomping grounds. This made it a very positive move on so many levels. Besides being an emotionally positive situation, I will also be saving $500 a month (without sacrificing much space) which clearly makes it a no-brainer. So, my time has been preoccupied with getting settled and unpacking… which hasn’t been all that bad this time around.

2) Work: The job pays the bills but wait, there’s more… it’s my second family.

I have mentioned here before how much I enjoy my job. Beyond being just a place to earn my paycheck it is a second family for me in many ways. From the top down, that’s how that place is run. Although it’s a public company, with big pressure built in to being successful and making money, it maintains a family feel that is unique in corporate America. You have to see it to believe it. Anyway, over the past few weeks I have been involved in helping develop some key elements of the teams that I manage. It has preoccupied a great deal of my time and energies during the day. It’s not been without a few headaches and glitches along the way, but the rewards of assisting my team members in being successful is well worth it.

3) Kids: My little men.

My kids are what it’s all about. The move, the job… I do all of those things to provide a safe, secure and thriving environment for my kids. They are glad to be back in the old neighborhood where they are walking distance from all of their friends. Also, it is a bit safer place so running around outside and riding bikes feels more relaxed to them (and me I might add).

Purpose Driven Fallout

From where I sit there is a SCP fallout that happens when people embrace the Purpose Driven Life philosophy.

For one it is this type of sentiment expressed on the license plate frame I saw this morning that read:

My job may change, but my boss stays the same. Jesus.

Maybe this saying has nothing to do with PDL at all, maybe it does… but it still made me laugh. So see, this isn’t an angry post at all. It’s a happy post. I am smiling as I post it. No hatred for anyone. Just amusement at the stupid things that stupid people will put on their stupid cars.

The PDL Gods Speak

With the forced upgrade to the “new” Blogger, the SCP website dropped into the pooper. So much for the beta testing!

Yes, it seems that all the turmoil created surrounding the Purpose Driven Life came back to bite yours truly in the ass. The PDL God’s have spoken. Rick Warren has a lot more clout than I thought.

Seriously, I am not sure what happened but my site just fell apart, links broke and I just couldn’t fix it. Yeah, I know, I work with computers now, I should be able to do it. But my limited knowledge of web page creation just isn’t cutting it.

So I just took a basic template and have modified it somewhat to work for now. Maybe after the move to my new house is complete and I have gotten fully settled I will try to tweak with it. But then again, it’s just a blog…

For this second, Josh’s blog looks like the old SCP and my blog… well… what can I say…it’s black!

UPDATE: Josh has now been moved to the SCP Black Pages as has been the Podcast Page.


I learned this term this week in an AudioBook I am listening on my iPod. I have admitted on this site that as a pastor I loved to have my ego stroked. Actually, it has been my premise that mose pastors are in ministry because they are driven by their egos. That could be said pretty much for many people… not just pastors. However, pastors particularly struggle with this as they seek to demonstrate a humble spirit admist the ego-feeding. Of course it could have been just me… who knows.

Well what am I learning now? Well, old habits die hard. Tonight a couple of close friends were over and we were having a good time, but as they left I was concerned with making sure of dialoguing with them to have them convince me that they indeed had a good time and enjoyed hanging out with me.

On some levels (although my friends will laugh at the thought) it was a lot like my church days. The service would end, and I would look for validation from those that had heard me speak or attended the service. On the way home, I would dissect what I said, concerned that I could have done better, demonstrated my points more clearly or been more persuavive in my approach.