I learned this term this week in an AudioBook I am listening on my iPod. I have admitted on this site that as a pastor I loved to have my ego stroked. Actually, it has been my premise that mose pastors are in ministry because they are driven by their egos. That could be said pretty much for many people… not just pastors. However, pastors particularly struggle with this as they seek to demonstrate a humble spirit admist the ego-feeding. Of course it could have been just me… who knows.

Well what am I learning now? Well, old habits die hard. Tonight a couple of close friends were over and we were having a good time, but as they left I was concerned with making sure of dialoguing with them to have them convince me that they indeed had a good time and enjoyed hanging out with me.

On some levels (although my friends will laugh at the thought) it was a lot like my church days. The service would end, and I would look for validation from those that had heard me speak or attended the service. On the way home, I would dissect what I said, concerned that I could have done better, demonstrated my points more clearly or been more persuavive in my approach.

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