The PDL Gods Speak

With the forced upgrade to the “new” Blogger, the SCP website dropped into the pooper. So much for the beta testing!

Yes, it seems that all the turmoil created surrounding the Purpose Driven Life came back to bite yours truly in the ass. The PDL God’s have spoken. Rick Warren has a lot more clout than I thought.

Seriously, I am not sure what happened but my site just fell apart, links broke and I just couldn’t fix it. Yeah, I know, I work with computers now, I should be able to do it. But my limited knowledge of web page creation just isn’t cutting it.

So I just took a basic template and have modified it somewhat to work for now. Maybe after the move to my new house is complete and I have gotten fully settled I will try to tweak with it. But then again, it’s just a blog…

For this second, Josh’s blog looks like the old SCP and my blog… well… what can I say…it’s black!

UPDATE: Josh has now been moved to the SCP Black Pages as has been the Podcast Page.

7 thoughts on “The PDL Gods Speak”

  1. For the technical side of your nerdom.I had to switch my template to the “old school” version, I couldn’t hack the widgets fast enough to figure them out. Now I understand a bit better, but I still can’t get them all to do what I want.Good luck.

  2. Yeah… once I started tweaking I couldn’t rest until I got it fixed. Now we are all on black pages. It’s not that big of a deal to be on all black with no red… but maybe the old SCP look was getting a little tired anyway.

  3. Steve,why are you apologizing for the new look of the blog? I like it! You’re back in black dude. Stream in some AC/DC and you’re ready to rock! You’re right, it’s just a blog. Stop obsessing! LOL

  4. Ha Ha, Karma is a biotch! Although Christians don’t believe in Karma only God’s will. Maybe some of the SCP followers can pray over your site for a healing.(Show me a miracle, damn it!) But I like it…you know the saying…Once you go black…

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