A Post About Something (TEST)

Someone told me the other day that I desperately need to post something new to my blog… and my first reponse was, “What blog?” They replied, “Stupid Church People”. And I said… “Oh, thaaaat blog!”

Yeah… sometimes I forget I have this blog. Now while that might be bit of an extreme statement to say I have forgotten about SCP, I can certainly tell you it hasn’t been in the forefront of my mind. Here’s a list of other things that have taken precedence in my life…

1) Moving: I just moved into a new place. Again.

Yeah, it was about this time last year that I sold the home I owned and moved into my first rental in many, many years. That was a tough move brought about by situations not completely in my control and that it made it a tough move. This move however, had a completely different vibe. Ironically, I have relocated back to only three houses down from where I originally lived a year ago. That’s right, yours truly is back in the old stomping grounds. This made it a very positive move on so many levels. Besides being an emotionally positive situation, I will also be saving $500 a month (without sacrificing much space) which clearly makes it a no-brainer. So, my time has been preoccupied with getting settled and unpacking… which hasn’t been all that bad this time around.

2) Work: The job pays the bills but wait, there’s more… it’s my second family.

I have mentioned here before how much I enjoy my job. Beyond being just a place to earn my paycheck it is a second family for me in many ways. From the top down, that’s how that place is run. Although it’s a public company, with big pressure built in to being successful and making money, it maintains a family feel that is unique in corporate America. You have to see it to believe it. Anyway, over the past few weeks I have been involved in helping develop some key elements of the teams that I manage. It has preoccupied a great deal of my time and energies during the day. It’s not been without a few headaches and glitches along the way, but the rewards of assisting my team members in being successful is well worth it.

3) Kids: My little men.

My kids are what it’s all about. The move, the job… I do all of those things to provide a safe, secure and thriving environment for my kids. They are glad to be back in the old neighborhood where they are walking distance from all of their friends. Also, it is a bit safer place so running around outside and riding bikes feels more relaxed to them (and me I might add).

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