I Went to Church on Sunday…

And I enjoyed it… but I am not sure why… yet.

Something happened to me spiritually… but I am not sure what… yet.

I might want to connect again… but I am not sure when or where… yet.

More details to follow.

31 thoughts on “I Went to Church on Sunday…”

  1. Steve, it’s great to hear that you had a positive church experience. I am glad for you and hope that the Church continues to offer something positive for your life and that you continue to benefit from whatever virtues were brought about through this latest experience.

  2. Bruce, I saw a story about that by Anderson Cooper. It sure didn’t look to me like it was anything legitimate. At least on his show, it really came across like sensationalism instead of honest scientific research. The guys making the movie were talking about conclusions they’d drawn that just couldn’t be justified with the evidence. A <>lot<> of conjecture there.

  3. Hint: Listen to the March 6 “Etcetera” podcast. *nods* πŸ˜‰I hope I didn’t ruin much for ya, Steve. If so, please kick my ass.

  4. This just proves that a church gathering is part of the mystery of life. Sometimes it is bullshit – and sometimes God touches our lives in spite of the bullshit.PG

  5. “Hi, my name is Steve, and I once started this heathenistic website called Stupid Church People. But now that I’ve rediscovered the true magic of today’s modern church, I can no longer be a part of such sin. So…farewell, you pathetically lost souls!”With no actual facts to go on, the mind wonders….what do you expect from generation raised on game-boys and the A-team!Help us!! Free us from this shadow of suspense!!! Have you really made Crystal Cathedral your new home? I just heard, I don’t know.

  6. No I didn’t go to church on Sunday. My son had a basketball tournament. (SIDENOTE: He also made the game winning shot in the final seconds of the final game).And no… it wasn’t Saddleback. I said I enjoyed it.

  7. church = people…PERIOD.…to underline the jefez well made poin.…and yet Steve still chooses to keep his minions in the dark ages. It won’t be long before the people form a resistance and revolt. It’s about to git uglay up in heeya!

  8. Bruce, go < HREF="http://www.extremetheology.com/2007/02/archeological_i.html" REL="nofollow">here<> to see another statistical analysis (the one in the documentary was pretty skewed). I usually don’t agree with much on the sight I’m sending you to, but this article was helpful in processing the documentary stuff.Steve, glad you enjoyed church. I read occassionally but have never commented. Look forward to hearing more as you unwrap your experience Sunday.

  9. Frankly, Steve, I’m a little disappointed in you.Sheesh, first you go to church, next thing I know you won’t swear anymore and will start believing what they tell you.And, you know what Rage Against the Machine says about doing what they tell you…

  10. I was thinking about your post Steve and this thought came into my mind: Remember the scene in 2010 when Hal tells Dave that “something wonderful” is going to happen because of the monoliths on Europa?

  11. <>And no… it wasn’t Saddleback. I said I enjoyed it.<>Perhaps my favorite comment ever.My guess is that Steve’s gone pentecostal…what with the laying on of hands…that stuff get’s the Steve-meister hott.

  12. Hmm. Me too, with the family. I was ready to roll my eyes at yet another run-of-the-mill evangesermon, but I really appreciated what the pastor had to say.One step at a time.

  13. I’m a bad Lutheran. I didn’t go to church as my wife and I entertained family that day instead. So as punishment I will not eat Jello this week! LOL

  14. Like you said o’shaug, the vast majority of the documentary was conjecture, but the thing that got to me the most was the statictical analysis on the probability of finding a tomb with all of those names associated with Jesus’s family, given the frequency of names dispersed in that era. The odds of it not being Jesus’s family was something like 600:1, accounting for bias.

  15. Sunday was interesting for me, but not like the two of you. I watched that documentary on Discovery Channel about the archaeologist who claims he found the ossuaries of Jesus and His family. That got me thinking all day yesterday about what Paul had to say “If Christ isn’t risen from the dead, then we are the most foolish people in the world. We are still in our sins.” What is the impact of this finding, if true? Is Christianity a hoax? Is theism a hoax? What is spirituality all about?

  16. I went to Target again on Wednesday night. I really got a lot out of it. It seems that the more serious shoppers show up midweek.

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