Feed ‘Em Dummy

While in Florida attending the Church of the Ping (see previous post), I was introduced to Jay (pictured to the right) who has a remarkable story and inspirational challenge for all of us.

Here’s the quick scoop of what Jay is about. He lives among a community of disabled people who are on tight fixed incomes and are struggling to make ends meet. Jay is trying to meet this need that is growing every week as he makes himself available and feeds those around him.

So after hearing Jay’s story, I wanted the SCP Nation to be involved, so I told Jay yesterday that we were committed to spreading the word about his ministry.

I want to challenge everybody to take a moment and listen to Jay’s story on the Etcetera podcast, and then get involved by visiting his website called Heaven’s Grocer. There you can click the “Make a Donation” link and give as you feel led.

Let’s make a strong showing and support someone who is reaching people in a real and effective way!

8 thoughts on “Feed ‘Em Dummy”

  1. Steve – Thanks for posting this. I listened to the podcast, and hearing Jay’s story was inspiring. I plan on getting involved in this in some way.I’d say more, but I already fed my one troll for the day.

  2. I really like the idea – helping people in society that could actually use the ‘love of a neighbor’ – I think this is the type of things churches everywhere need to start considering.

  3. Maybe Mark David should get his okie ass down thar and heal ’em. Then they can go get jobs and be good Republicans. [/moron]

  4. Wow this is great you should put something in anoucements next week. Maybe even take up a special offering….this is ridiculous.

  5. I look forward to hearing about his work and story. He saw a need that was left unfilled and went down and got his hands dirty.

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