13 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday SCP”

  1. SHAKE N’ BAKE BABY!!!!That cake looks…disturbing somehow…not unlike the expression on that childs face (is that you steve? are we seeing the very roots of what created you: mami made me shitty birthday cakes…I hate you mom!!!)…ok, so maybe i was re-living some moments there, sorry…I allowed the emotions of your picture to manipulate me (you wicked evil genius you!!).“good things you two…mazel.”

  2. I’m giving you one more year to figure this shit out, ok? After that, I’m going to have to get tough. Don’t make me come over there. Happy anniversary, pals.

  3. LOL, Zeke! 🙂Being part of Podcast #100 (whenever that happens) would be so cool. For now, I’ll just wish the website a happy second birthday and hope the twos aren’t terrible. *nods*

  4. Is that you, Steve? Awww, so cute!I’m totally in for the 100th podcast as well. Just make sure I’m done with school by then, mmkay? (At the rate you guys are going, that won’t be a problem!)

  5. 2 years of great blogs – keep up the interesting topics and how do I tune into the podcasts – I’ll have to check around the site for that. Props on 2 years!

  6. Happy anniversary. Keep it up. Hey I will come visit for the 100th. You guys arent that far from me. Im just one state North of you.

  7. Who knows… maybe we’ll ramp things up a bit just to see how many of you make good on your promise. I think we need to just do that since it would make for one helluva party….On second thought… naaaahhhhh…. we’ll keep doing our once a month (or so) state of the stupid as planned.And, for the record, this isn’t me in the picture. Actually it’s a kid named Landon born about the same year as me. You’ll recognize him from last years picture when he turned one.

  8. Count me in for th 100th podcast as well. I figure by the time that happens I should be bored out of my mind in my first month of retirement! Seriously, happy birthday guys. I want to hear all the details of the party, I know you guys went out and celebrated. Any more drunk songs to look forward to? I know there are, oh yes, I know!

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