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Just over two years ago, I started writing this blog and Stupid Church People began when Josh and I got our heads together to make it happen. Now 200 posts later, much has changed in my life, my views, and my beliefs. It’s been quite a journey.

For those of you new here, I thought I would take this chance to give some snapshots of my favorite posts from the previous 199. I will break this up into two posts spanning 2005 and 2006. Enjoy….

Stupid Church People are well aware of what it means to get second chances. More than once in this life, through my failures and the failures of others, I have found myself in “starting over” mode. Not a very fun place to be while I was there, but an almost necessary place if I truly want to move forward in my life.
Finding Grace 4/17/05

Concepts that have sought to change the church, such as the current “emerging church” are nothing more than contemporary expressions of the the old paradigm. They are a start but often even these churches find themselves emulating ideals and programs (although more relevant) of the old models they despised.
The Coming Revolution of the Church 5/1/05

Pastors… That’s the number one weakness in the modern church today. Paid pastoral leadership is the reason the church is weak, inefficient and to a point…neutered.

Are we that arrogant as pastors that we think if we didn’t exist that people wouldn’t figure out how to have church by themselves….without our leadership? Pastors, do we think that we need to create meetings, groups and activities to keep the church people “happy” and “connected”? Do we think that believers wouldn’t figure out a way to get together regularly, for sharing, communion, mutual encouragement and to share their faith stories? Do we not think that the life force of the believer, the Holy Spirit, might not be “set free” to work in and through Christ-followers to accomplish his work here on earth?

Think about it. Whenever you pay someone to do a task or job, what are you really doing? You are asking them to take responsibility for something you don’t want to do. Isn’t this the American way??
The Pastor Problem 6/14/05

Mix a good dose of ego addiction with Jesus, and the consequences are frightening. It causes ministers to build huge churches as a monument to their own ego, it causes people to go on television with their “unique ministry”, which is another term for “my ministry”. It causes people to write books, speak all over the world, abandon their families, their friends, and their neighborhoods so they can respond to the “great need”… which is really the need to be needed.

Think of all the churches in America right now that are supporting the egos of their ministers.
Check Your Ego at the Door 9/15/05

…the church is a mess. This is largely due to the myopic nature of those in leadership. Many of them are sooooooo close to the situation that they cannot see the forest for the trees. If they could just step outside of themselves for awhile. It has taken me leaving for awhile to see it more clearly. If they could just gain a fresh perspective possibly things might begin to take a turn towards a more healthier state. But they have been so innundated and immersed in their own subculture they do not, and possibly cannot, make fresh strides. The churches I have been around have insisted on pouring new wine into old wineskins again and again and again.
Wrapping My Brain Around the Church 12/5/05

The Emergent has consistently and with increasing speed become more focused on “organizing” (i.e. 501c3 status, boards, etc) and “getting paid” (i.e. books, conventions, raising support, etc.) than they have in stimulating authentic change. They may have once had a voice and been a fresh part of the “conversation”, but in my opinion, with this latest shameless solicitation, they have become insignificant. We had hoped against hope that this wouldn’t come to pass, but even as we hoped we knew with certainty that this was the future of the Emergent Church.
Emerging Irrelevancy 12/8/05

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  1. thanx for the past-blast. it does provide a slightly larger picture of SCP. though this might not be the place to find hugs and kisses…i am very grateful to you (josh a little less…) for sharing your journey with us all!I think of you guys as a necessary evil (with the term evil being used very loosely!), and I for one can say that i have benefited greatly…whether i wanted to or not!!keep rockin bro!

  2. I have read many of your archived posts, but hadn’t got back this far. Thanks for this – I’ll have to go and explore your 2005 in a little more detail. From this snippet it looks very interesting!

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