Watching TV last night, I came upon a documentary on “Intelligent Design vs Evolution”. In between making dinner, eating dinner, cleaning up after dinner and making lunches for school the next day… I didn’t get to catch all of it (or even the name of the show). Of course, if I wasn’t such a failure at my marriage, or maybe had more faith in God – I wouldn’t be a part-time single dad without a spouse to help me with such domestic work. (See the last post’s comments to get the inside joke). But I digress.

In one of the sections I did get to see, the discussion was on Intelligent Design and how there is basically no evidence to support its position, yet it is being promoted as a science. They kept showing this picture of Mount Rushmore, then explaining that noone doubts that there is a creator of that mountain. Then they would show a picture of another mountain, like Pike’s Peak, and ask how could one doubt that there is a creator of that mountain.

It’s like the two are the same thing. And they simply are not.

I didn’t watch the whole thing, but the ID defenders kept talking of how there are things that science still can’t explain and of course, those things that can’t be explained are from the Intelligent Creator. They used a term “irreducible complexity” but what we used to call “the God in the gaps”. Now the problem with “irreducible complexity” as the documentary points out is this: As science moves forward and discovers more and more about our world and how it operates, there are less and less things that can’t be explained. Thus the “gaps” for God to fill become less and less. So, in many ways, the ID people are reducing God in the minds of many and creating a crisis of faith as they try to “prove God”.

As this documentary points out and ID experts agree, much of what they believe about ID is a certainty based on a belief that they feel is true. It cannot be deduced from science. Nor will it be… because to search for any remaining questions from the ID point of view would involve science, deduction, reasoning and logic. And whatever explanations are out there wouldn’t fit the preconcieved conclusion that the ID people have decided upon.

There are plenty of problems with evolution as well. But there is much more facts, hard evidence and science on the side of evolutionists

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