We interrupt your normally scheduled ranting to announce our immortality on MYSPACE.

Go to the SCP MYSPACE page and add us as one of your friends. Also, you will get to listen and download the newly remixed “Ten Drink Song”. It’s sure to be a classic.

5 thoughts on “SCP on MYSPACE”

  1. So I have to have both SCP and YOU as a friend on MySpace? Awww, man! As for the 10 Drink Song I don’t see the need for a remix, the first one was bad enough on it’s own. But what the hell, I’ll send you an invite to be my friend, AGAIN! LOL

  2. To many emotions…at once…can’t…control…flood of tears…*sobs uncontrollably*…I’m somebodys friend!Though “the Man” has blocked my abilities to visit the bowels of MySpace, I will treasure the virtual friendship…like the redheaded stepchild I never wanted…*sniff*.what’s next… way to get all hip on us yo…good times

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