12 thoughts on “Podcast 49 Promo”

  1. Oddly, in the list of related clips, YouTube lists a series of videos by Bjork, < HREF="http://bjork.com" REL="nofollow">“the undisputed mistress of mechanized mischief,”<> talking about her new album. How’d you manage that? Maybe “frivoly” means something in Iceland.

  2. Hey guys, the podcast didn’t drop…well, it started to and then it went away. I don’t see #49 on your podcast site nor do I see it on the libsyn stuff.

  3. A new podcast that coincides with the end of my quarter at school?! w00t!You guys are frivin’ hot. And you rock.I’ll write more after I’ve listened to the podcast again. 🙂

  4. No need to couch things in emoticons, Shelly, that’s exactly what I want. I always want homosexual displays of affection though and I don’t always get what I want. I have to find other ways to face the day.

  5. One thing that’s bothered me since I saw this video is why Steve’s pants were undone before the camera started rolling? Where’s the rest of this video? Hmmm? Just how close are you guys? 🙂

  6. I’ve been thinking about your comments regarding what a personal relationship with anyone looks like. Steve, I really liked your comment “show up”. My wife shows up for me every day and likewise, I for her. Maybe God can’t show up for us as a human does. I don’t roll over and hug God each night on the other side of the bed. It’s the same thing as the scientist rejecting the idea of a deity because empirical methods don’t play real well in that realm. Maybe it’s the sense of peace we experience after our hearts cry out to God and we get the sense He’s there.Hell Steve and Josh, I don’t know. The past few years has really rocked my spiritual boat and the trinity of atheism (Dawkins, Hitchens and Harris) threaten to finish off my faith. My faith has been shipwrecked and I’m holding onto dear life to a piece of the poopdeck. Maybe I’ll rebound or maybe I’ll drown. I’m just passing on possibilities that I must consider before I let go for good.

  7. Be patient everyone…. technical diffculty… should be resolved soon…Actually… it’s been so long we forgot our password to post our podcasts at libsyn. But we got it now! Ha!

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