Robbing Peter to Touch Paul

So let’s talk about really, really Stupid Church People. Yeah, you know, we here at SCP give a lot of grief to those pesky evangelicals (mainly since we used to be one of them) but I was thinking about it the other day and I just have to be honest…


One of the reasons I don’t talk about Catholicism a lot is because I personally do not have much experience with it. But the main reason I don’t talk about them is because I never have taken them seriously. In my opinion, I just considered them to be this side of a cult.

But anyway, it would be completely unfair for me to bag on the Benny Hinn’s of the world, the Paul Crouch’s, the mega-church movement and the Emergent Church… and then not mention the pure stupidity that is the Catholic Church.

This is a group that knew about their priests fiddling around and effin’ with little children and then did absolutely nothing to stop it… for years. In short, they have condoned the practice. Pedophiles have hidden amongst the Catholic Church for centuries and each and every Pope has turned a blind eye. They have allowed it to proliferate and if there is a God, I expect that hell will welcome the arms of said Popes warmly.

Make no mistake… this has nothing whatsoever with the longstanding vow of “celibacy” that Catholic priests are forced to take. Some that this is obviously a case against homosexuality and it’s dangers. Pedophilia is not brought on because one abstains from sex. It is a sexual dysfunction. It is also the abuse of a powerful position for one’s own personal and sexual satisfaction.

The Catholic Church announced last week that they had reached a $660 million settlement with the abused children and their families. As was brought up by the “Daily Show”, it is interesting that about half of this money will come from the church who will be using the offerings of it’s people to pay for the sins of it’s Fathers. I am certain, being good Christians, many Catholics will forgive those that have done such heinous acts and allow them to continue to minister in their parishes.

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