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I’ve been tracking for a while the Stupid Church People site with some different tools and I thought this was interesting. Since I took my Stupid Catholic Priest post down until I could give a bit more thought and research into the matter, let me share a couple of SCP facts about those that visit this hallowed site.

The SCP Top Ten Cities

The SCP Top Ten Languages

I am sure some of you will offer some analysis of these findings, so I will leave it to you. But I am still amazed that anyone reads our site, least of all someone in China. Kind of blows the mind…. I wonder how we translate behind the Great Wall?

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  1. Ha Kohen is in Edmonton – I am in Regina (8 hours from where he is)…good to see Canada is as open-minded as I figured they would be. Man I love this country!

  2. Barry…I was really struggling in my heart today until I read your spiritual words…If you want me to interpret your speaking in tongues, let me know…

  3. I’m going to change my name to Stomme Kerkmensen.That’s Dutch for Stupid Church People, but it’s a great action hero name too.

  4. Shieldsy, just for you I’ll post in tongues:“See my tie, see my tie shin up a drainpipe. I’ll have a double Bacardi and a Kaliber shandy. A lass with a Calor gas heater can seek a man’s coriander, but she came on a Honda.”Was that suitably spiritual? ;o)

  5. In Welsh, it would depend on your interpretation of “Stupid Church People”.If it is taken to mean “stupid people of the church” the it’s <>Pobl Hurt yr Eglwys<>, but if it means “people of the stupid church” then it’s <> Pobl yr Eglwys Hurt<>. (Perhaps both are right!)

  6. Thankyou brother Barry. Lets just wait upon Google for an interpretation now … someone … just speak it out. Speak to us Google … what do you want to say to us? Someone … is Google giving you the interpretation … Bless y’ Google.

  7. It’s interesting that the top ten cities are all in Canada & the US despite the variety in languages reading your blog.I’ve read your blog with interest as I work out my own thoughts on church & faith over recent months.thank you for providing food for thought along the journey.

  8. A little sad to see that the LBC got lumped in with LA…I think the German translation of SCP is the most spiritual of them all:Dumme KirchenmitgliederFun little factoid, the word “Glied” is also the medical term for penis. So if one were to do a literal translation of this expression (isolating the words), Stupid Church People would translate to:Stupid Churches with penises“Facinating.”– Spock

  9. Does “Unknown” mean Tongues, coz that’s what I read SCP in. (Actually, Welsh comes pretty close to speaking in tongues in my book, so that makes you and me Barry)

  10. Lots of us in Edmonton. Makes you think that maybe somewhere here there is some colledge/seminary that has scorned us all and we’re lashing out. hmmm… wonder which one that could be.Scary to think that maybe I’ve even run into some of you in your regular lives. I wonder what Ha Kohen actually looks like. Probably tall, muscular, handsome, Irish…PS – I can’t believe that Dylan at Concerned Follower wrote something. Holy Crap.

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