SCP is Growing Up

Yeah… like the rest of the world we have a MYSPACE page. And why not… it keeps us hip, young and incredibly edgy. Ok, not really but we like to think so.

Anyway, recently I have checked out Facebook and I really like their group features, so I thought I would make an SCP group over there and invite all of you to join. There’s something more sophisticated about Facebook and I think you will agree, I just don’t feel so, so… what’s the right word… SLIMY… after visiting the site.

Soooo…. if you have a Facebook account come on over and join us and if not, join the crowd. All the cool kids are doing it.

Praise the Lord, Pass the Condoms

This morning I heard the story of the Duggar family from Arkansas (where else) that had their 17th child. Devout Christians (of course), the Duggars believe that children are a blessing (no argument there) and not a burden (uh, depends on the day) and are still hoping to have more, “if it’s the Lord’s will”.

Trust me, I really, really want to make fun of these people… but after reading their website and some of the articles there, it’s just hard too. Seriously, they are completely debt-free (how many can say that), run the whole operation on a budget of about $5,000 a month (not bad) and seemingly manage to be pretty decent people.

Certainly I could argue with their beliefs (they are Bill Gothard fans), their politics, and their choices in life, but it is after all their choices… not mine. So I say live and let live on this one.

Of course, the dad’s name is Jim Bob (pick one dude), the boys all tuck their shirts in way too tight and wear their pants too high and the girls could use a bit of a makeover… but besides that I will be nice.