SCP is Growing Up

Yeah… like the rest of the world we have a MYSPACE page. And why not… it keeps us hip, young and incredibly edgy. Ok, not really but we like to think so.

Anyway, recently I have checked out Facebook and I really like their group features, so I thought I would make an SCP group over there and invite all of you to join. There’s something more sophisticated about Facebook and I think you will agree, I just don’t feel so, so… what’s the right word… SLIMY… after visiting the site.

Soooo…. if you have a Facebook account come on over and join us and if not, join the crowd. All the cool kids are doing it.

9 thoughts on “SCP is Growing Up”

  1. All of your servers are mine! Resistance is futile! 😉I had (well still have) a myspace page (search for digitaldion). However, I never got into it. Facebook however, is quite a different story!Thanks for the heads up Steve. I’ve joined!PS. If you’re willing (and find my blog suitable) would you consider linking to me?’ll be adding a link to SCP regardless. It is the best (most honest) reading I get to do each day… Well, that and first year theology students who drivel on about the trinity and three leaf clovers…..

  2. OK, how do I get added (or add you) to my friends? You’re not a school contact, not a work contact…and there is no search function like MySpace that I can find.

  3. CRAAAAAAAP!!!!They’ve blocked Facebook now too…So I have no chance at being a cool kid at eith MySpace or Facebook…No fair…*pout*

  4. I was just thinking about checking out facebook today. If stupid church people are there, well… (normally I try to stay away from unintelligent religious fanatics, but in this case I will make an exception ;). Heading over there now.

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