I Don’t Miss Church or Church People

So here it is October 14 and it’s been over two weeks since I wrote anything… well at least wrote anything to post here. Actually, I have decided to try and write more, post more, and be more honest regarding my feelings on the church. Believe it or not, I have been holding back.

One thing over the past couple of years that has held me from being even more forthright regarding the church was fear of offending someone. Can you believe that? Me afraid of offending someone?? That’s almost funny to see in print.

But I think I am slowly getting over that.

It’s like last night. I met someone for the first time, and they knew of my past connection with Saddleback Church. So when we were introduced, she said, “Yeah I used to go to Saddleback and even worked on staff there for a short while.” I think she thought that this would create an instant connection, but trust me when you meet me and start the conversation along those lines, it isn’t an ice-breaker.

So we were all hanging out, and decided to play Scrabble. Normally I am not that keen on the game, but they had been drinking so I felt it this was certainly a sure win.

So Miss Saddleback gets the “A” and its her turn to go first. And wouldn’t you know it, the first word she lays out is “LORD”. Holy crappola! I couldn’t believe it.

Now at some point during the game, I am not sure whether it was my fine use of the word “DELVE” or after my triple word score on “QUEST”, things turned spiritual on me (well shall we say mystical). Out of the blue, Miss Saddleback asks me what my sign is. I know sounds like a pickup line, but

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