Thus Saith Timothy

So I know it’s been awhile since I have posted anything…sorry about that. I have been using the time to get inspired and the way I most often do this is to visit other blogs, read and comment.

Recently, I hit the jackpot of inspiration.

One blogger that has been having some very good topics is Jason over on Losing My Religion. Jason has some unique views that I like to read and recently I joined the discussion on some topics.

Through these conversations I was introduced to Pam and found my way over to a site called Gracehead where she contributes. On occasion, Pam would mention a guy by the name of Timothy. She called him a prophet. Apparently Timothy is “modern day prophet” who writes as the mouthpiece of God to modern man. You can read more on his website.

I took a look at a couple of these prophecies as they were posted on Gracehead and couldn’t believe that they were serious. These writings are a sad mixture of the King James Bible and nonsensical babble. He writes them in the form of letters (think Paul) but pretty much quotes a lot of fire and brimstone from the Old Testament (think Jeremiah).

To see if Timothy (or the Lord) had any sense of humor, I took a poke at the prophet and commented: “I think it’s funny that the LORD still speaks to us in King James English”. Almost immediately my comment was deleted and a rebuke was posted from the Lord (or Timothy – I am so confused) and here’s what they had to say to me:

Steve, the Warning from the Lord I was commanded to give to Jason, I am now commanded to give to you…

Thus says the Lord: You have gone out of the way, thinking you stand. You do not stand, for you have stood against Me and My Word sent through My prophets…this is not to stand. You shall be brought low… you shall not be gathered. Neither will I hear you, for you have forsaken your Lord for your own way…such arrogant, high-minded children, continually misleading themselves and all those they speak to, never hearing the voice of the Lord their God.

Son of man, did you think I would stay silent?! Did you think that I, even I, would not blow the trumpet and alert the watchmen?! Therefore, it is fulfilled and shall come to pass in that Day, which is upon you, that the Son of Man, your Redeemer, shall say to you, “I never knew you”. For if you truly knew Him and He lived in you, then you would recognize those I send and the Word given them…yet you forbear, resting in the beds of false doctrine, even the doctrines of men. Therefore, you shall not be gathered, for I do not see of Myself in you, though you speak My words instant in and out of season. For you speak them seasoned with the salt I, Myself, have NOT given you. This you have received, in vain, at the hands of men. Know you not, that which is of God has salt in itself, and in no wise needs seasoning?… Get wisdom and receive understanding, and repent. Read more here.

He has more to say to me, but that’s the gist of it. Officially now, I guess I am an unbeliever…or never was one. Whichever, it’s a relief to have that solved. I always wanted to know and now, direct from the LORD’S mouth, through Timothy, in bastardized King James form, I have it in black and white… I am headed to hell.

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  1. I’m sure he is serious. I was involved with a man who sounds very much like him. A god in his own eyes. He only used KJV as well.And I just wanted to add, Steve, that apparently I, too, am on the highway to hell. This statement came directly from the pulpit. My offense? Being divorced…twice. And I have tattoos. Oh, and I don’t speak in King James exclusively, only when I pray…ahhhh the sarcasm is flowing…

  2. I actually would like to thank you all for getting involved and raising questions – I find it kinda cool we can all support one another in some small – but tangible way. I value each of your opinions since I also read your blogs and comment from time to time (not to mention I am in a NFL picks pool with Steve and few others) – and I think each of you inspires me in some fashion. At least that’s how I approach the blog world. Which is why Gracehead fascinates me. The only thing I ever did was comment and raise a few questions – I cannot even see what is it I did wrong in their eyes? But they took my questioning as a ‘weakness’ – yet unbeknowing to them – this is a strength on others blogs (and the norm here in SCP). So I was caught in some weird theological cross-hairs that had a prophet pretty much judging the crap out of me (and he threw Steve in there which was pretty unique I must say). But these are the kinds of things we need to talk about – I think I lost like 3 friends in one week over some pretty small issues – accepting gay people as equals, claiming 5 things about Jesus, and questioning some of the prophet’s points of views. And I stood in judgment for about 2 weeks alone – until a few of you showed up and helped a brother out. My wife had a good laugh at Josh’s comment – and just now from Jefe’s comment. So what do you think of this whole thing happening over there at Gracehead?

  3. Good point, bruced. It’s a bit of a chicken/egg argument, but I wonder if that’s a matter of nature or training. Probably both. Steve Brown says that the god of the cannibal will be a cannibal, the god of the C*lvinist will be a C*lvinist, and the god of the fundamentalist will be a fundamentalist. I suppose I have to admit that, to some degree, I’ve made God into my image as well, although to what degree, I cannot say. But hey, at least my God likes beer and a good cigar.

  4. <>But hey, at least my God likes beer and a good cigar.<>You are so wrong!!!! God prefers a fine 12 year old scotch and a little challah on the side so the God doesn’t get totally smashed too quickly….(Writing as AC/DC’s “I’m on the highway to hell plays in the background.)Pam is busy waving that ‘innocent old woman card again’. She and Jason will be pals again soon enough. I get to be the fall guy. Cool. Works for me. IMO, she’s a fraud. Just part of a good cop/bad cop scenario.

  5. No problem, Jason. I think I was a fool to get involved in some ways, but I don’t like seeing someone get beat up on. I read the posts at Graceland before they got taken down I suppose, I never went back again. So, I know how she talked to you. Still, I also know you’ve known her a long time. I definitely baited her, there’s no doubt about that! She turned her attention on me and away from you. That’s a good thing. Now you guys can have some civil communications if you want, while I slide out of the picture. We’re adults, we all hang out with different people for different reasons who would never hang out with each other.

  6. Jeebus…“Give the wicked no voice at all when you are able, lest they draw themselves further into temptation and sin…” etc etc etc…so apparently criticism and dialogue are wicked acts? Oy…While fascinating in a jack-knifed big-rig-10-car-pile-up kinda way, it seems this crew is too far down the rabbit hole to be reasoned with. And yet, I can’t help but think we look the same to them as they do to us.…meanwhile, I still don’t understand why a site that allows discussion would only promote what amounts to dialectic incest. If yer just gonna preach, then at least disable comments. Unless of course you want to publicly bash people, like that Jason fellow.

  7. either the-one-called-tim is just bad at punctuation or, if i’m not mistaken, thinks that he, himself, is god, not just speaking for god. look at how the words keep going from third person to first person and back.just me?

  8. You can copy/paste the link into your browser to visit.http://gracehead.comIt’s sad, what’s going on over there. But, like I’ve seen so many times, they are just treating people like their God (or at least the their perception of their God) treats them.

  9. Yael, I am not sure how close Pam and I will be when this is all said and done – I actually have yet to be kicked from your site (lol) – which is to say – I feel welcome with you. As for Greasehead, Pam never did vouch on my behalf – told me to look to Jesus and all that – but basically – I wasn’t worth the effort (yet I see you did vouch for me – and to me that’s like giving me gold – it’s like a sign of trust and integrity). of the which – I am thankful for. I think you can relate to the idea of someone calling your faith out and demeaning it – so we might be in the same boat. As for choosing a side – this is not something I do in all honesty – so I have no reason to not talk with Pam if she chooses to do so. Me and her will likely disagree on theology and faith perspectives – but we have all along anyways and I live by what I think ‘believing what is true is not as important as what you do with that truth’. Basically, I disagree with her actions in this whole thing but I do not want to segregate her from my site either – I think it is called freedom. I know it should look like I need to take a side – but that’s not very freeing – and like I said Yael – if someone called your faith into question – I would be right there to stand beside you and speak on your behalf also if needed.

  10. Oh and now… ALL of the comments I have ever made at the Gracehead site have been removed.And I believe Jason’s as well.Isn’t that interesting?

  11. <>“By the way Jeff, I brought up many good points on their site (not just the King James thing) and asked many valid questions… you just won’t get to read them.”<>Sort of like every comment you ever made at demerging?Not that I’m bitter…

  12. Hi, I’m the wife of Trent who runs gracehead and they’ve treated me the same way over there. Back in 2005, it was a great place to be but now that Speed “Tim’s” real name is the leader you must believe or you will be banned. Can someone email me because this is frustrating to live with!

  13. Oy my God this is some crazy stuff. I read some of timmys stuff. Man this guy is dangerous..I wonder if he is serious

  14. According to them… I think I am on my way to prophet status. They say that one of the things that validates a prophet is negative reactions of others.By the way Jeff, I brought up many good points on their site (not just the King James thing) and asked many valid questions… you just won’t get to read them. And I wasn’t even being mean-spirited… just challenging.I don’t even know what it means to be flagged as a spammer. Most important, will it hurt my credit rating??Actually if you hit “bypass this message” it takes you to the site so I don’t get it. Whatever.One of the things that kept coming up is “why am I so threatened” by them… I guess I have the same question for them, especially since God is on their side.

  15. Yeah I also get that message – and I don’t think i can post there anymore – I have been banned from a site called Gracehead (irony in the title of the site?). I guess there is a limit to the grace they know and claim. Secondly, I read Trent’s comment about banning us – because if he didn’t he would be ‘disobediant to God’. Now that what’s I call putting a dividing line in the sand – wonder what they would of said if they were part of the situation in John 8 when the crowd wants the adulteress killed based on a legal interpretation of the law? Would they ‘pro’ or ‘con’ – since they seem to struggle thinking outside the box. So now we are deemed outside their circle – and worse yet – judged of God – and I am not sure even if we did repent what we would be doing it for (or for who) and what would be their response? This is where none of this makes any sense – since they are asking us to ‘repent’ – yet we have been cast out? Maybe having a mind is their form of leprosy? But that’s my question – repent of what – to who – and then where do we stand (outside the inner circle)?I am not sure they even can like me again? I have been judged unworthy by God and that mine as well be a life sentence or continual black mark on my record – I think we can be aware of how some church circles are – once you’re on the ‘outs’ – your always working back from there and never really getting back to point A of innocence. And Pam pretty much turned her head away from me – yet I did nothing to that lady but respect her (as I am taught in my culture to do with elders) – and she never spoke out for me – not even vouched on my behalf (am I that bad a friend? What did I do that was so bad?) – and we been blogging and discussing things for over a year. As for Timothy – the reason he never uses his prestige as a prophet for anything of gain is because I am not sure he is accpeted in any church. I can’t even imagine the divisiveness he would add to a community if he had any real power in a denomination? He would be cutting people out left and right based on his teachings and his limited example in this whole scenario. And the peeps at Gracehead can’t see this? And they call me ‘blind’…wow…irony. ‘Irony is the shackles (of youth)’ (REM – What’s the Frequency Kenneth?)

  16. Thanks Jefe for speaking on the silence of our behalf at Gracehead – much appreciated. Will they listen – I am not sure – but at least you are trying for the dialogue.

  17. Damn! You’d think, being almighty and everything, that God could speak comprehensible English (even King James English).

  18. Steve…<>…especially since God is on their side.<>I don’t think God is on their side, nor do I believe they’re on God’s side.Jason (society)…<>And Pam pretty much turned her head away from me – yet I did nothing to that lady but respect her (as I am taught in my culture to do with elders) – and she never spoke out for me – not even vouched on my behalf (am I that bad a friend? What did I do that was so bad?) – and we been blogging and discussing things for over a year.<>I wonder if she did nothing because she wanted to stay in their good graces. If so… *shakes head*

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