Timstown Coming?

Ok… it’s official. I have no life.

As some of you know, Jason and I had a little run-in with the Gracehead group (http://gracehead.com) and they since have done the following:

1) Deleted any and all comments made by Jason and I.
2) Banned our URL’s from referencing their site (that’s the reason for the typed out URL above) and reported us as spammers.
3) Hid behind the skirts of Pam (no offense intended) who apparently is the only one of the group willing or allowed to talk to us. Trent (site founder I believe) and the prophet Timothy refuse to speak or mention us by name it seems.

In one of these early exchanges with Pam, I wrote:

One can’t just declare that this is what God has told me, even if it lines up with their interpretation of Scripture and then say that no one else has a valid viewpoint or can question them and their beliefs. One can’t hide behind faith alone and refuse to dialogue to gain a broader understanding of things.

There’s a fine line between Jonestown and many churches in America based on this logic.

Well this ruffled her feathers a bit, and she claimed that there was no kool-aid parties being planned, but from the beginning of reading some of Timothy’s “prophecies” I sensed something not quite right here. In my last note to Pam, I wrote:

It’s troubling to me b/c I see that it (i.e. Timothy’s writings, the Gracehead site) is a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) form of control and manipulation of people. You are right, as long as people line it up with the Word of God they should be fine, but people are lazy. And I know, spiritual leaders take advantage of lazy people and begin to accept everything they say and do as God’s word… and this happens in and out of the church every single week.

Believe it or not Pam, I haven’t done the challenging and writing and confronting b/c I like to be abused either or that I like making people mad… I actually do care.

Ok, now back to the reason I have no life. I spent some time yesterday reading some of the writings of Timothy, the history behind it, and I find it fascinating. His epistle is entitled:

Letters from God and His Christ
True and Actual Conversations with God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ, given to Modern Man for Modern Man’s Sake
In the introduction, he tells a bit about himself and his calling:

My friends, I do not wish to replace, or take away, or add to the Holy Bible! Rather, these words and this understanding was given to Me by the Lord, and is for all those who have ears to hear. He alone may “add to” His Word for our benefit and to give us greater understanding…

I do not have any previous learning in Scripture, no degrees of any kind, nor have I attended seminary, nor have I received any teaching from any pastor, minister, etc., nor have I been to church…I must remain separate from those whom God wishes me to give His message to, lest I become biased toward a certain denomination…

And to this end, I am called:
1) To trumpet the coming of Christ to every corner of the world, in all manner of speaking and devices (internet, etc.).
2) To write God’s Word, which is a Final Testament to His glory, so those who have not heard might hear and those who have heard might come into a greater understanding of His will set forth in the Scriptures of Truth, the Bible…
3) To give this Word to the churches so they might receive correction and make themselves ready…
4) To be a “watchman”, that I might sound the warning, the blowing of the Trumpet, to warn all those who abide on the earth that the redemption of God’s children from the world draws very near, and God’s judgement must immediately follow!

At first glance his calling sounds like some church mission statements. But somewhere in there was this very troubling sentence, and I am sure you caught it too: To write God’s Word, which is a Final Testament to His glory…

This goes beyond your basic Stupid Church People status. If I read this write, Timothy IS writing a new and final testament of scripture, indeed adding to the Bible a new revelation.

So correct me if I am wrong and call me crazy, but my initial gut reaction may not be that far off. From what I can tell, what we have here is the beginning formation of a new cult…or, at the very least, the attempt at one.

I guess I am just fascinated by how things unfolded over at Gracehead. I am intrigued at what causes people to not question and just blindly follow a leader, his vision, his words and take them hook, line and sinker. As I said…there’s a fine line.

17 thoughts on “Timstown Coming?”

  1. Jason (societyvs)…<>It kind of strange that Timothy claims he’s not adding to the bible yet he also is adding to the bible – Contradiction?<>*nods* So basically, he’s proudly committing heresy. *nods*This so deserves the podcast treatment.

  2. It kind of strange that Timothy claims he’s not adding to the bible yet he also is adding to the bible – Contradiction? I have been kicked out of Gracehead now – I never get any reason at all for what happened either – except ‘repent’. From where I sit I haven’t done a single thing wrong to any of them (and if I did I made that right) – yet I am still kicked out (very strange). I think they have troubles living up to their very own faith stands – if they were actually sincere as they say – then approach me and let’s work this all out (but that’s not likely going to happen) – so they bypass the very core of the gospel – which is forgiveness and unity – for whatever it is they have as an agenda (judgment?). To me this all seems hypocritical – I could be wrong – but how would I know – they have all decided I am not ‘worthy’ for a discussion. Oh well, I guess I just have to keep moving forward from here – I don’t know if they think they have deterred my outlook – because they have actually helped strengthen it with their juding of me. Asking me to ‘repent’ (lol) – even if I did they wouldn’t know what to do after that.

  3. from the quotes you have, it’s interesting, to me, that “god” doesnt seem to really have anything new to say. some would argue what, then, is the point?prophet throw down? let’s get it on!let’s find fun names for these people:Tim-faux-thee?Graceheadupmyass?i especially like how he has to use his full name . . . i will just start using “some call him . . . tim . . . “

  4. WOW! I haven’t had much time to read blogs the last week or so and I have missed out! I’ve been “exhorted” by OldTruth.com and chastised by sliceoflaodicea.com and was feeling pretty good about my credentials but now you have made me envious having been downright excommunicated by “Timothy.”I like Dorsey’s idea of a prophet throwdown. I’d drop $40 to see that on pay-per-view.God’s prophets in the Scriptures were always mistreated…but they didn’t say stupid $#!^ like “I must remain separate from those whom God wishes me to give His message to, lest I become biased toward a certain denomination” either…

  5. I have to think that one day some of the Gracehead folks will have to look back with regret for having fallen off the deep end. Timothys come and Timothys go, and inevitably they leave human wreckage in their wake.

  6. if this tim is trying to reach churches, why not contact them directly instead of blogging?what if i claim to be a prophet and say that God told me this tim person is full of shit and is a false prophet?mmmm, the smell of silencing of dissenters; smells like nazis.

  7. v’yomer Adonai el Yayson, lekh lekha….(And God said to Jason, go find who you are supposed to be…)This word came to me from God for you, Jason. I know, it can’t be authentic since it’s in Hebrew rather than KJ English…(I never realized before the great wisdom of Moses. God spoke to him in KJ English and Moses then had to translate it into Hebrew. What a pain that must have been.)OK. Now I have a word from your adopted Jewish mother, Enough already with the complaining. You think you got it bad, oy, look at my life. Of course I don’t expect any better so don’t be concerned about me. I’ll be just fine sitting here in my corner of darkness, invisible, the kids don’t even call….(What? You’ve never heard woe is me Jewish mother jokes?)(taking off mom hat) And one more word from Yael, your online study partner…We’re talking about your post over on your blog! Where are you?Two weeks ago these guys started hassling you? Hmmm. Perhaps it was when you starting corresponding openly with this Jew? Beyond the pale, dude, beyond the pale. Whatever. Life is good. Bullies are not. Go enjoy.As for me? My dad and I are going out for a walk to see who we can devour tonight, because we love darkness….

  8. I wonder why Timothy and the Gracehead site gets under our skins so much? For me – it is the way they so completely lack any sign of “grace”. They claim something that is so patently absent from their (Shakespearian English)rantings.

  9. Hello Steve – Been reading SCP for a while but now really compelled to post since your last two entries.I’ve known people who’ve come out of aberrant Christian circles(pseudo-christian cults)and from what I’ve learned this “prophet” Timothy reads like the latest poster child for them.Went over to Gracehead myself to try to get a bead on where this Trent is coming from doctrinally by reading some of his responses to inquirers/seekers and is hard to pin down -drifting at times from hyper-grace position to a “quasi-determinist” view. Maybe depends on his mood and direction of the wind those times. You’re right on about the “lazyness” factor -saw it in my youth in “The Latin church” and later to my great dismay in the evangelical- most would much rather be spoon-fed their weekly spiritual mush and get their “feel-good goosebumps” than “be a Berean” and “rightly divide the word of truth”. Some others just want a tangible,physical representation of their”saviour”(pastor,priest,Timothy) who will stroke them and tickle their little ears(albeit I don’t think Timothy is big in the stroking dept). Will try to engage them myself-if not burned at the stake, may tell about it. In the meantime I think they should be monitored for large purchases of Kool-Aid. But seriously, we could be witnessing a cult in the making, and for those involved, in the end might not be funny.

  10. Man you should read Tim’s latest blog on Gracehead – he puts the words slaughter, glory, and Jesus all in the same sentence. He actually uses slaughter as a ‘happy day’ for God. Is this guy even reading the bible anymore? I am guessing he see’s a God who enjoys the slaughter of people – unless I read that wrong.

  11. Just a curiosity, do you know that Trent has trod your “hallowed halls” here(DEC ’05)and LO! his comments not deleteth,yea, mayest be seen -thou wherefore gather he knoweth of ye.

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