The Fires of So Cal

Well, I know to the outside world it seems that all of Southern California is going up in flames… and well, it kind of is.

At this point San Diego is obviously the worst, but we have had our own problems here in Orange County. If you watch the news, I live in Portola Hills and the fire that is being called the Santiago Canyon fire is happening all around me. We were under voluntary evacuation last night, but me and my neighbors just kept watch all night, with bags loaded just in case. Fortunately we didn’t need to leave, although it came closer than we would have liked. In the image below, you will see my house (green arrow) and where the fires were burning closest to my house at 5:00 this morning (that’s about 1500 feet from our community).

In this image, all wilderness on the left hand side of the picture had already been consumed during the night, and this morning the fire wrapped around and came in behind us. That’s the worst thing that could have happened as far as we were concerned. But the firefighters showed up around 5:45 in about 20 firetrucks and made a stand along the road and in front of the houses on the right of the picture and saved the day for many homeowners. It never made it across the road and up towards our homes due to their efforts.

As I write this, the fire is still burning and moving out towards the canyons and up the face of Saddleback Mountain and planes are out dropping water to try and get things under control. It appears my family and neighbors are out of danger but there are plenty of homes in the canyons, and a really good friend of mine is unable to know if he has a home to return to or not.

I took the video below around 5:45 or so after the firetrucks arrived. The wind has really picked up and the blaze is moving fast at this point.

So that’s the update. We are safe but smokey and our thoughts go out to many others who haven’t been as fortunate. It seems the weather is going to give us a break and hopefully no other lives will be lost as a result.

Finally, I was thinking last night that it was my blasphemy against Prophet Timothy that might have brought this calamity upon my community. But since my property and life was spared, it must mean that I am in the clear…. for now at least!

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  1. If you need a place to stay, come and visit me in Arizona. There’s not much vegetation to burn here in the valley. It’s mostly flat, dry desert with cactus and palm trees. Arizona fires usually happen north of here where there are plenty of pines and bushes.

  2. hahaha … thanks jeff!!!But Pete G … your thoughts are not with me huh?!?!?!hahaha… no problem. I’ll keep praying for ’em.

  3. Wow, that is a crazy fire – and so close to all of your homes – I hope the fire calms down and harms no others – good to hear you were safe though!“Finally, I was thinking last night that it was my blasphemy against Prophet Timothy that might have brought this calamity upon my community. But since my property and life was spared, it must mean that I am in the clear…for now at least!” (Steve)Now that’s funny. I wouldn’t worry about Timothy and that whole fuss – as far as I am concerned – I think you stood up for the idea ‘we can question and we should’. Church abuse has run rampant (like that fire) for years and I think it’s about time many of us gathered together to stamp it out or at best keep it accountable (like those firefighters). You did something noble. How come you guys have these kinds of fires down there each year?

  4. All of Southern California smells like a campground now. This is the worst in years.When we do get moisture in So Cal, it’s usually between November and March. The Santa Ana winds that Steve mentioned usually come at the tail end of our dry season–which has been exceptionally long and exceptionally dry this year. In other words, these hot dry winds come at the worst possible time. All our hills are basically tinder now.Follow this up with a nice deluge, and you have the potential for mudslides since there’s no vegetation left to hold down the soil. So pray for rain, but let it come <>slowly…<>

  5. Thanks Jason…Well the cause of the fires could be:A) Our blatant affluent lifestyle of consumerism.B) A large and visible homosexual community in Hollywood and areas in Orange County such as Laguna Beach.C) Rick Warren and Saddleback Church.But seriously, we are a very dry climate and haven’t had hardly any rain all year (probably less than 3 inches). Then occasionally we get these southern winds called Santa Ana’s and they often blow at hurricance force. When the Santa Ana’s blow, the humidity drops. Yesterday the humidity was about 5-7%.Then you add all of those conditions together and it doesn’t take much for a fire to start and get going, either naturally or accident. In the case of our fire, it was arson and deliberately set on Sunday afternoon. This has been the worse situation in several years by far.

  6. I remember those damnable Santa Ana winds! I don’t miss them. Many of my friends I left behind in So. Cal. are very close to the fires too. Man, that would be intense. I hope things improve for you guys out there.I echo the offer of help. I have plenty of room if someone wants to come to heaven (Iowa). We could even go see the Bridges of Madison County just South of Des Moines (except for the one that was burned by an arsonist a couple of years ago…he was sentenced to spend the rest of his life in Southern California…sorry…seemed like a fitting punishment at the time but hindsight is always 20/20)

  7. Steve, I’m so glad to hear that you and your (and my old) neighborhood survived the fire. I have been greatly concerned about friends there in Portola Hills/Foothill Ranch. Its good to read your account of what is happening out there. Its interesting being in another state now and having to rely on news media for information. You would think all of California is on fire.-Tony

  8. I’m glad to know you are okay. I hope it stays that way.I’m off to fume at the actions of our White House, and the statements of our president. I’d send fireman if I knew any. Too bad our government won’t.

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