Moving Forward

That’s my theme for 2008.

Moving Forward

I recently decided that in my personal life, I tend to look at the past as a bench mark for my future. I’ve determined that all that does is throttle me in the present… and leads me to missing out on good things in the now.

In regards to SCP, there have been many times over the past few months that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep going. It’s taken me a while to exactly know what to write as we enter 2008. Now that I have taken a few weeks off, I seem to have a clearer direction.

I think that this theme is highly important for SCP. I am constantly amazed at how many people still visit this website and the number of new people that are still discovering this place and finding it to be thought-provoking, encouraging and comforting.

Many, many people sit in church each and every week and feel completely alone for any number of reasons. They identify with this site. We need to keep this light burning.

You are a part of that.

Let’s move forward together.

19 thoughts on “Moving Forward”

  1. Bruce_Almighty, I agree. “Moving Forward” may not be so much about being “done” with some subject because we “know all their is to know about it” < /snerk>, but it should definitely be about keeping the conversation going. People who claim to have all the answers are usually dangerous. I’m sure Steve will let us know in the next post more precisely what he means by moving forward, although I think he does a pretty good job in <>this<> post of at least giving us a general idea, for those of us who are paying attention. 😉

  2. Move forward. We should all do that. Though I think that buzzword will go the way of thinking outside the box soon.I am moving forward. Joined a health club. On a diet. Sporadically attending a postmodern (but not emergent) Church because I have to. Though at times, I enjoy it. Weird I know.I would like to get closer to God again. Not sure what that will look like anymore.Moving backwards is not an option. Gotta suck it up and plod on.Hey Steve, would you now be the official virtual pastor of SCP?

  3. A hand to Zec’s post.Me, I’m still trying to figure out what “moving forward” means for myself.And yes, a podcast would be brilliant. (Also: How’s Josh?)

  4. Zec’s comments are spot on. What does it mean to move forward? At this point, I’m not sure I can move forward, because it implies you have put something behind you. As specious as I think much of Christian doctrine is concerned, I haven’t totally abandoned it. Perhaps I’m playing “Pascal’s Wager” and hedging my bet. It doesn’t feel that way-it feels more like a civil war between faith and reason. I can’t say I’m over either, faith nor reason. You may argue I’m making a false dilemma. I don’t think so.I can’t prove any of the major Christian doctrines to be true. I can’t slip into the afterworld and know empirically if there is a heaven or hell, nor can I know that Christ’s death on the cross and my adherence to His teachings is an adequate remedy. This is faith. Reason doesn’t like faith very well, but does that mean that faith is wrong? What if, like the South Park episode, that everyone but the Mormons were wrong?I’m not ready to move on. Maybe the best I, or any of us can do is to keep the conversation going.

  5. OK: as long as “moving forward” has nothing to do with getting us to the front so that you can lay hands on our wallets!On a more serious note: my best wishes to the whole SCP non-church. May 2008 be a new adventure for us all.PG

  6. Aaaahhh yes Steve, like a nice tall glass of frosty Jesus Juice. Refreshingly crisp, but with a smooth finish.Hear Hear. Huzar!

  7. I like the idea of ‘moving forward’ + ‘Great in 2008’ = ‘moving forward into greatness’. As for me, I have a few changes in my personal life but basically they all surround becoming more in shape/fit. As for theology and the whole God thing – that’s in constant motion for me – like Steve – I have to move forward in my growth and not backwards. I look forward to a great year with all kinds of funny things and touching moments – with a dream that we judge people not by their blogs, but the content of their character – big shout out to MLK.

  8. That was bloody brilliant you wicked little nun you!!!And no, it’s actually a musical reference, but strangely enough I do collect sex toys (ref. interview).thanx

  9. Hear, hear, Lowendaction (btw, does that name have…< HREF="" REL="nofollow">gay connotations<>?)All I meant, y’all, was what Lowend summed up. Steve is gonna be keepin’ the SCP strong. I thought it was pretty obvious. Sorry if anyone thought I was insulting their intelligence/ability to pay attention. Maybe, as L.E.A., suggested, y’all are just too “heady” of a bunch. 🙂

  10. This site was a huge encouragement to me when I first left the institutional church. It showed me I wasn’t alone in what I was thinking and experiencing. I’m glad you plan to keep it going.

  11. Moving forward sounds good, but what does it really mean? Does it mean finally be moving in the direction of arriving at some answers instead of just asking questions? Does it mean making peace with the past and looking forward to what the future brings? I think it will mean something different for each individual, and if that’s true what does that mean for SCP as a whole cohesive unit, if such a thing even exists? Anyway, this sentence:“Many, many people sit in church each and every week and feel completely alone for any number of reasons.”reminded me of a statement that Rick Warren made during his Christmas sermon. He said, and I’m working from memory here, bear with me, that the biggest problem people have is feeling alone. He then went on to say that Christ will fill that void and give you “purpose” and the sermon basically turned into a commercial for everything “Purpose Driven” but I digress. Do you agree that a person’s biggeset problem is feeling alone? Or is it lacking “purpose”? Or is it something else altogether?

  12. “Moving Forward” sounds like a great plan. And when you identified it as a theme for 2008, it also sounded to my ears like something evangelical churches do every year, like “Taking Back Our Town for Jesus” and the like… which is probably an excellent indication of how badly I need to Move Forward if I still am hanging on to my now years-old cynicism.Seriously. I really, really want to move on.

  13. I don’t know what’s up. Sometimes it says my real name (Brad) at the top and some times it says Ha Kohen. Whatever, anyway… I’m glad to be a part of this site; even when I feel like I’m of the minority opinion.

  14. Yes, time to move forward…with a podcast!And where has Josh been?I want to hear an update on how everyone has been “moving forward.”Me, I’ve been to the gym, like, <>five times<> this year. That’s more than the last several months combined! I need to get back to my former buffness, so when summer rolls around, I’ll look hot* when I go to fire up a blow torch in shop class wearing a tank top and shorts.*and not in the temperature sense

  15. GEEEEEZ you all can be heady bunch!!The man said he’s keepin’ the SCP strong! Nuff said.He could have told us all about his life-changing experience at Joel Olsteen’s church and how NOT stupid church people really are. Or about the lucrative offer that Rick Warren made him. But no, he chose to tend to his interwebbian flock instead.There’s just no pleasing you lot is there? Of course, should I find myself on the opposite swing of my Bi-Polar cylce, I would be tearing in to Steve with a vengance right now…so good times. And another round of Jesus Juice on the house!

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