I’ve Become Them

When I was a pastor, my “mission” was to “reach” the “unchurched”. In my mind, my methods and strategies for doing so were relevant and cutting edge.

Now I am the “unchurched”, and I realize how far off the mark I was back then.

I am coming to the conclusion that churches and pastors need to stop trying to be relevant. In doing so, most of the time they only end up looking silly.

The more they try to “reach” guys like me with their marketing schemes and “witty” sermon series titles, the more I just want to stay away.

Lord… send me to American Idol

Leesa Bellesi threw her hands up in the air and prayed: “Here I am Lord, send me to the backstage of ‘American Idol.’ “
She was watching Season 5 of the ultra-popular television show in her Laguna Beach home at the time.
It was her calling, she thought, “to minister to the needs of the people on that show.

For those that think I am too critical of the church or stupid church people… I hope you read this story…. and then shut the hell up!

I am convinced it is the organized American church that is producing these types of Stupid Church People… not the Bible or God or Jesus. And what makes this story even better is that this is a Pastor’s wife who is convinced that God himself arranged it so that she could be backstage at American Idol, and now she is beginning a full-time “ministry” devoted to the show.

Senior Pastor’s wives have always been a little wacky, especially the ones I have known. Granted, they have an excuse because they usually live with ego-maniac control freaks who leave them to raise the children while they raise the church. But Leesa Bellesi has taken the cake.

Consider her an early contender for Stupid Church Person for 2008.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to help the people of American Idol, if that’s what you are into. It actually sounds like a pretty good idea and in keep with the whole, love your neighbor kind of thing. In fact, I am thinking of praying for God to send me to “minister” to the needs of The Laker Girls… those poor girls sacrifice soooo much in cheering for their team.