God Bless You…. Bitch!

True story:

While standing in Home Depot last Sunday afternoon shopping for a new tool box, a couple was standing behind me talking. For whatever reason, maybe it was the way they were dressed, I don’t know… but it struck me that they had most likely just come from church. I can’t explain it, but my seventh sense told me they were church people.

As they moved down the aisle away from me, the church lady inadvertently bumped into another woman standing in her way. This woman reacted (or over-reacted I should say) and said something to the effect, “Look out where your going! Can’t you say excuse me!” The church lady responded, “I didn’t have the chance, but I am sorry”. The grumpy woman replied, “Whatever!”… and proceeded to huff down the aisle in my direction.

At that moment, the church lady’s husband blurted out “God Bless You! Have a nice day!” in the most condescending, patronizing way.

To me, the way he used it was much more offensive than any other way he could have chosen to take God’s name in vain. He would have been much less of a hypocrite had he just gone ahead and called her a bitch rather than using God’s name to communicate that same sentiment.

Certainly the grumpy woman acted like a hag, but I am most certain that the church lady’s husbands name was “Dick”.

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  1. Here Here!!!!This falls dangerously close to one of my biggest issues with…..well, stupid church people: Christian Cuss Words.Is there anything more hyporictical?Here is an example of the stupid verity:<>http://www.rebelflock.com/CUSS.HTM<>And here is another perspective. <>http://theagentbfiles.blogspot.com/2007/07/fuck-unforgivable-sin.html<>I think you would have been well within your rights, to slap the bitch. In fact I would go so far as to say that Jesus woulda had your back fo sho!!!sad times.

  2. Shieldsy, I can attest to that sense. Whether it’s always accurate is another question, but I think one can pick up on the vibes being sent by others. I have a pretty good sense of gaydar and churchdar, so I have no problem with Steve talking about his discernment.The question is how could this couple have handled this grumpy lady better. They handled it better than many I know, such as keying her car or throwing an elbow.

  3. Well, IMO correcting a mistake by confronting the “dick” with a “hey, that was offensive because you (a)obviously didn’t mean God bless you and (b)said it only to make the other woman feel guilty.” Whatever. I guess I don’t really agree that judgment as an idea in Christianity is misused. The problem is that everyone under the sun <>does<> it. And I’m not saying that I’m blameless there. What I am saying is that calling someone a dick and ranting about them on a blog furthered Christianity none. But talking to the people, pointing out that their behavior wasn’t very “Christian-like” if they ever were Christian, nicely, and having a conversation rather than a confrontation – isn’t that actually furthering something positive? We’re called to be aware of sin and to be held accountable for it when we do it. Isn’t turning away from sin and then judging what you just saw a sin?And if you’re really going to play the “blahblahblah is misused in Christianity” card, you should consider that everything idea in Christianity is horribly misused. Because we’re human and we’re stupid and we’re sinners. It still doesn’t make it ok, though.

  4. Whether “dick and Jane” go to a church or not is irrelevant. By their words they claim the name of Christ and are therefore representatives of the Church, just as everyone one of you/me who do the same.So I think Steve’s anger is absolutely justified, however one could also just as easily be sucked in to the vortex of the blame game.If one were so inclined to believe in Satan and spiritual warefare, to whatever lesser or greater extent, I would argue that the “non-God” side has no greater victory than when Christians fight and bicker amongst themselves. Because as long as we’re keeping ourselves busy with that, we’re not fullfilling the one simple command that God gave us.“Love one another the way I loved you.” John 15:12…and yes, I know that my previous comment encouraged a swift beating, so this applies first to and foremost to me!

  5. <>“What I am saying is that calling someone a dick and ranting about them on a blog furthered Christianity none.”<>Not sure how you would define “further Christianity,” but, given the discussion that has ensued, I don’t think you can say that definitively.I agree that we all do it. That was my point. I don’t think what Steve wrote rises to the level of the biblical notion of judgement, and I don’t think he was wrong to do it.

  6. Hey Steve. It’s been a while since I read anything on SCP — I used to read quite a lot a year or two ago, and I’m glad to see you’re still at it. I’ve seen this ‘condescending love’ before — often I see it when evangelicals are ‘persecuted’ for wearing their bracelets, et al, in the lunchroom at work.

  7. One time, this woman at my old church was ticked at me because I called her on the carpet for some gossip and divisive behavior. She said this to me EXACTLY: I don’t like you. I will never serve with you. But, I love you in the Lord.HAHAHAHA!!! I think this fits under your category of stupid church people! 🙂

  8. <>“…but I’m also becoming more sensitive to people ranting about other people. That’s judgment.”<>IMO, another of the most misused ideas in Christendom. Suppose the man dropped his pants and crapped the shape of the cross in the checkout line? Would you really consider it “unchristian” to go off on the guy? Would you really think the proper response is to be “inwardly put off” and otherwise silent? Really? For that matter, aren’t you being judgmental by calling Steve to task about it? Am I judging you now? Where do you draw the line? Pardon me for being so judgmental, but such selective, self-righteous posturing is a core value of stupid church people everywhere (lower case scp, not to be confused with the one true SCP). ; )

  9. OK this is interesting. Sounds like a church family with a case of Ned Flanders syndrome to me. Can spot them a mile away.I am convinced that people like that believe they crap crosses. Holy shit.

  10. Oh gosh, this happened to me once. A guy I was ministering to, back in my church days, was unhappy because I wouldn’t agree with him on something. As I recall, he was being a jerk to some woman, leading her on while maintaining quite the righteous appearance. So I, in as graceless a manner possible, called him on it and his response as he got off the phone was, in a cheery voice,“Well God loves you anyway.”Never heard from him again, but yeah, the word bitch was definitely the silent end to the scentence, lol

  11. Well, as at least one earlier commenter noted, you <>did<> make some assumptions, but if we take your assumptions as likely, I think your point is one worth pondering. I’m quick to feel some shame if I attach “damn” to the end of “God” but I wonder if I would have seen the God’s-name-in-vain aspect of a snarky “God bless you” had I used it (which I wouldn’t, because I’m more of a middle-finger-flipper when pissed off and reacting on the fly…)

  12. Food for thought and nothing more:1st: You already know this but YHWH is God’s name (however it is said). And to “take the LORD’s name in vein” is to attribute something to YHVH that is not of YHWH or to “swear falsely” by YHWH. I don’t think this qualifies (though it is bothersome). 2nd: Perhaps (though I doubt it they were atheists; we will simply never know.3rd: I can’t stand people that don’t give you even a split second to say “I’m sorry”. People are flawed. I should know… I’m one of them. 4th: The person who was bumped into was rude. 5th: The husband was also rude as you tell the story but what if he meant what he said? What if he was turning the other check and you are just to cynical to have seen it? Is that impossible? 6th: Your assumptions (and mine) may be wrong. 7th: Would you not also be angry if it were your little girl instead of some random woman being mistreated? I think I would, and I can’t be certain (nor can you) of the behavior that might follow (though we might hope for the best.)

  13. “The question is how could this couple have handled this grumpy lady better. They handled it better than many I know, such as keying her car or throwing an elbow.”Someone could of crapped the outline of the cross and that might have dummied her up or she would of have such disdain for that person so as to never say another word to them. Feces – always good for a laugh in my opinion – Dorsey wins the debate hands down.

  14. So true. What you have here is a conflicted Christian. I’ve been tempted to do the same thing at times. I’m mad that I was treated a certain way, so my mouth wants to say something, but then my brain tells me to be nice, so then I blurt out something with tone. Usually, I just say “Have a nice day.” I don’t think I’ve ever said, “God bless you” when I was angry though.

  15. You assume they were church people. You assume he was being condescending. You judge him a hypocrite. Wow! All this form your mystical 7th sense – tell me how I can develop such a gift please?Splinters & planks.

  16. The bottom line is that many of us are god awful at handling conflict. While I see where you’re coming from, I’m not sure how they could have handled the conflict better. I know I would have fired off a fuck you (at least). Pema might have responded in a similar manner to this couple, n’est ce pas?

  17. And, wow, sorry for the glaring grammar errors there. I just woke up and my head is full of sinus-sickness gunk. Three sneezes later, and that’s just what you get. :/

  18. I can agree that what the woman did was wrong, but I’m also becoming more sensitive to people ranting about other people. That’s judgment. So while you might have had the right to be inwardly put off by the use of God’s name in such a way, complaining about it on your blog and calling the man a “dick” is no better conduct.

  19. not all christians are the same. just like people everyones different.some christians are more about “look what i just did that is soo great” “did you hear the big words i used in my prayers?”thats just the way it is. but you cant expect all christians to be like that.cause they all arent.

  20. <>“Ashley and Sheildsy… God Bless You. ;-)”<> – SteveLOL! Yeh, I think what I said was a bit dumb actually. MrKrabbs & Deacon Blue said it much better.I’d be interested to know your answer to MrKrabbs question, <>“The question is how could this couple have handled this grumpy lady better. They handled it better than many I know, such as keying her car or throwing an elbow.”<>

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