Ego Unchecked

I have heard and read from enough people that attended David Trotter’s church who agree mostly with what I have written in my previous post. Trotter, it seems especially the past two years, was an ego unchecked. Apparently from what I have gathered he was:

1. Focused more on the church and less on his family.
2. Concerned more about being liked than doing the right thing.
3. Defensive and hostile towards criticism (constructive or otherwise) from those within his church and without.

This is from an email from someone close to the situation that wishes to remain anonymous:

David wasn’t always like the man he is now. It seems that over the past 2 years things changed. His priorities were not on what God wanted to do, but on his desire to be liked. He seemed to stop caring about people and placed more emphasis on how slick the Sunday morning presentations were.


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