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  1. Oh L. it wasn’t that bad once you got passed the introduction – was that the same guy talking? I thought it was someone else. There were lots of things that certainly resonated with me, particularly: (i’m paraphrasing)“Jesus is not just your cheerleeder.”“It’s about manufacturing righteousness inside yourself.”“Do we have to remind people (of sin?) because the Holy Spirit didn’t do a good enough job putting the law on their hearts?”“Do what you want and let’s just see what happens.”And last but not least:“Jesus is a loser”My question to anyone out there – what does it look like when we do what we want and see what happens? How does that work? Are we talking about a dirty grace or are we trusting that God has put the law on our hearts and we will work it out with him?

  2. lowendaction I’m with you on this – this guy waffles on for over 50 mins and 1/2 the time he doesn’t even make sense – I get what he’s saying – just wish he’d say it better. A couple of good things said in the midst of all the rest doesn’t excuse this kind of thing.

  3. Wow that was really challenging. I mean seriously is this the worst public speaker you’ve ever heard or what? Now I know someone’s going to say, “Ugh…Why do you have to be super eloquent just to preach…” or whatever. Look, I’m not asking everyone step up like Orson, but if you’re going to teach others about ANYTHING, have some respect for your audience. Learn how to speak the language properly, prepare, at least pretend like you care…ugh…he’s just lazy. I honestly wonder if anyone would really listen to him if he weren’t a Bakker.So once I got past his pointless review of Indie4 (which was mostly shite btw, and I’m a huge GL fan), and whatever else he was bumbling about…there were a number of things he said that were way off base. I honestly don’t have the stomach nor the time to re-listen and site examples, but all in all I found he had little to nothing to say.His whole Hippie aproach to “everything’s cool in Gods book dude” is just sad. Though he did make a few valid points about what some other churches are doing wrong, I did not find that this an excuse to run the opposite way and just flail around spiritually hoping for the best.Maybe I missed something, or my ears have been indoctrinated by too many years of churchiness, but I didn’t get it. If I’m off base here I would honestly like someone to help me out.

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