We interrupt the gay marriage discussion for this very important post!!

The Pete and NinjaNun invaded So Cal last week and hung out with the SCP locals. Below are pics of Josh, Zeke, Mrs. Zeke and I cavorting with the vacationing two-some and making some memories along the way.

Good times!

And you can visit Josh’s site for more pics, and I am sure Ninja and the Pete will have their pics up as well if you want to capture all angles of the event. And let me tell you, there were many angles to catch!

Enjoy the slideshow. You can also click on a picture to see the full-size version… as if the small versions of Josh weren’t enough already!

7 thoughts on “SCP RETREAT”

  1. So I guess now that I’ve moved out of the snobbery that is the O.C., you lot can’t be seen with the likes of a LBC hoot-rat such as myself? That’s cool, I probably would have been a huge wet rag anyway…what with all my crazy pro-church talk and whatnot…jfwylooks like good times where had by all…It’s cool to see that this interweb can actually bring people together…and not just over this series of tubes. I couldn’t help but notice however the curious lacking of the holy Jesus Juice in those picutres…wtf? Helllooooo anyone ever heard of communion? It’s what you’re supposed to do when you fellowship! Jeeeez…

  2. laughing so hard….can’t breathe….aaaaagh! *keels over*I noticed your pics are nice and sharp…unlike Josh’s, which were all blurry. Hmm…guess who had more to drink? And a better camera? And more to drink? 😛I’ll post a link to my pics as soon as I get them up….I’m still working through all the San Juan Capistrano pictures on my Flickr page!

  3. Now that looks like fun – I personally love karoake, some drinks, and talking theology in that environment – always a blast! Me thinks me would get along with y’all!Loved the slideshow – always good to see some of the faces of the people that blog together – hanging out together and just being.

  4. I got my pictures of our fun night up on my Flickr stream finally!They are in the set “Laguna Beach Day 3,” since it was our 3rd day of vacation. Duh.< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Lagun Beach Day 3<>Friends and Family see the more (ahem) incriminating pictures! 😛

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