F@#K! – I guess I’m a Duck

Here’s a comment I received yesterday on an old post entitled “Purpose Driven Pastor Season“.

Ducks “quack” and eagles soar! You guys are a bunch of ducks quacking as you spend time critizing Rick and other pastors who are seeking to make a difference.

Get a life!!!


The author is Dave Page, who describes himself as “a coach, communicator, teacher, encourager, husband, dad and wannabe basketball player :)”. It says on his profile that he is the Director of Church Planting for a non-profit here in Southern California. Of course, he’s making a difference… his job title says so!

If Dave can read, he would have found in the original post that I did not CRITICIZE Rick Warren, but actually the conference attendees who blindly follow Rick off the cliff of Purpose Driven Churchiness.

After reading Dave’s blog, I have a feeling I know the guy. Probably met him somewhere along the line or heard of him when I was at Saddleback. Seems he has been around the Saddleback Church stuff for a long time. He’s obviously a Warren disciple as was I, so I get why he is very invested in what he is doing.

However, I had to respond to Dave…because quite frankly he pissed me off and on top of that, he had no idea that he wrote his little BS comment to me at the wrong moment, on the wrong day, at the wrong hour, at precisely the wrong minute. Here’s my email response:

Spoken like a true pastor. Very very inspirational and life changing – yet condescending too. Love the Hawaiian shirt… guess I hit a nerve with that line huh?

So what are you for spending your time criticizing me instead of “making a difference”?? Who is it that truly needs to get a life Dave?

I’ve got a life. You’ve got your warped subCULTure. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid my friend.

Take care… I’ve got to get back to NOT making a difference in the world.

Usually I ignore DUCKS like Dave, but on this day I cannot. At the moment he wrote, he was right. I wasn’t busy making a difference. All I was doing is what millions of people do everyday… working hard at my job, trying to provide for my family, thinking about my kids future, navigating being a single dad and raising two sons. In addition, someone close to me is in the midst of crisis, so I was helping the family make physical and financial arrangements for a long-term treatment program, therapy for the children and overall trying to be a stable friend in the midst of their chaos.

Yeah Dave I guess you are right, only pastors and church planters are making a difference. Normal people like me do absolutely nothing.

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