Once in a Blue Moon

Nothing surprises me these days. But usually when I say that it’s in reference to something bad happening. In this case, I was surprised yesterday by an email I received from Dave Page, the subject of an earlier post. I typically will not and have not posted personal email correspondence, but in this case I felt it was fair to post it, so here it is:

Steve –

As I have had read your website (especially the “Purpose Driven Pastor Season” post) I can now see I was wrong in my criticism of you and what you said. You really didn’t put Rick Warren down but were attacking blind followership to a church culture that I realize can be a big turnoff to the unchurched and many Christians as well. I let my emotions get the best of me as I was seeking to defend Rick, whom I greatly admire, and the pastors who attend his conferences – some of which are friends of mine. Forgive the rude comment I made toward you and your bloggers.

Please accept my apologies,


I have emailed Dave to thank him and accept his apology. I appreciate Dave’s willingness to come back and read a bit…and then to go above and beyond and apologize when he felt he was wrong.

I wish more pastors and church leaders who visit this site would stick around and dialogue. That’s the most disheartening thing. Some (like Jimmy Bob or Shieldsy and even Tony Jones back in the day) are willing to stick around and interact. Even though we largely don’t see eye-to-eye, they provide us balance. They’ve been attacked, laughed at, ridiculed and called out, but still they are willing to give us the opposing opinion and insight, and I greatly appreciate them for that.

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  1. …too many Steve’s!!!!Plus, what’s with the foul language? This is hardly the forum for such vile vocabulary!!! Before you know it Steve (the Keeper that is) will flick his moderate button, and we’ll all be back in the suck again!You must submit some kind of offering or sacrifice to appease the Steve…for all of us man…DO IT!…sorry, feelin’ a little loopy today. Gimmie a day off from work and I loose my mind.

  2. My first time here. I don’t yet know what the hell is going on here…but I like it.I’ve had people who were bogesphere buddies just up and leave and throw me off their blogs because we could not agree on every point of theology.What a plate of horse manure!Are people so insecure that it has to be my way or the highway?(you’d better agree with me or I’m not coming back)

  3. I come back because I honestly feel that Stupid Church People, under your leadership, has humbled me and taught me how to work on friendliness with those much different from me. Especially those with major spritual differences. I can have convictions <>and<> be a nice person about it.

  4. Steve,I think it’s awesome that Dave apologized and also that it has been acknowledged and respected here. However, when I initially read the first post I was disturbed at the behavior on both sides. Whether or not we agree, we must respect each other and sometimes that means taking the high road and “turning the other cheek” when someone makes a harsh comment. I would have liked it better if there were a reciprocal apology for the harsh response.In addition, eagles do soar, but ducks also fly and often cover greater distance that eagles! Sometimes the people speaking out can cause a reaction amongst many others that ultimately creates more “difference makers.” However, I once heard someone say, “He who pulls the oars doesn’t have time to rock the boat.” I hear a lot of people criticize those who follow Warren, but a lot of necessary change has occured in the church because of his books.In summary, can’t we all just get along? I mean, where’s the love?

  5. Well, hey, we all make mistakes. I admire Dave for owning up. Maybe there’s hope yet for the Church.Shieldsy and JimmyBob, keep on being that counterbalance.

  6. Clown…I am pulling the oars, we just might not be on the same boat. Certainly Rick Warren jumped ship years ago from his “traditions” and himself has rocked his fair share of boats over the years! You can certainly rock boats AND get along with people. I have a whole host of people that disagree with me that I am friends with as well.Steve

  7. What? Church People admitting that they were wrong and apologizing? No wonder we’ve been having such strange weather lately…Seriously, it does give me some hope for the church

  8. Wow…could it be that this blue moon might actually …*gasp*… bear Christ likeness? Does such behavior still exsist in this cynical world we frack around in?Refreshing indeed.Lowendaction gives this not-so-Stupid-Church-Pastor a standing ovation for a rare display of courage and honesty.well played sir.

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