Where Are You in Your Faith?

The other day in an email exchange I was asked the following question:

“Where are you in your faith?”

This question was one I hadn’t really considered in some time so after much thought and consideration, here is my short answer to that question.

God, Church, Faith – these subjects have been and continue to be the largest shapers of my life… much of it good and some of it not-so-good. By not-so-good I mean in the traditional sense. For example, I don’t view things nearly as black and white as I did a few short years ago. For me, more has been learned from doubting than was ever learned by believing. So I am as thankful for my doubts as much as I am my faith. I know that this may seem nebulous, and it is that way for a reason. My life, my faith, my doubts…they are a part of this journey and inside each moment is a lesson to be learned.

Spinning Till I Puke

This from Jeff Marshall who writes “This is just too good to pass up. SCP is alive and well.” You are certainly right Jeff.

First off, I’ve never even heard of Rick Pino. Is he a famous church guy or something because everyone is talking about how “awesome” he is. I am sure he is way awesome dude.

Anyway, I guess my take on this is that the “Christianizing” of secular songs was what we were doing back in the 80’s. We were doing it with “Some Kind of Wonderful” and other songs. I guess if you go back to the hymns, they did some of the same stuff. Nothing new. No harm no foul I guess. It’s all about trying to draw a crowd and keep them entertained.

I watch this video and I feel like this Rick guy is just trying too hard. It just seems so “cheesy” doesn’t it. Aren’t kids (and their leaders) smarter than this? It’s hype for hypes sake and Christian emotionalism at its finest. I hate that we do this to teenagers.

It’s probably that I am just getting old. But I am so glad I got out of ministry if this is considered relevant.