Spinning Till I Puke

This from Jeff Marshall who writes “This is just too good to pass up. SCP is alive and well.” You are certainly right Jeff.

First off, I’ve never even heard of Rick Pino. Is he a famous church guy or something because everyone is talking about how “awesome” he is. I am sure he is way awesome dude.

Anyway, I guess my take on this is that the “Christianizing” of secular songs was what we were doing back in the 80’s. We were doing it with “Some Kind of Wonderful” and other songs. I guess if you go back to the hymns, they did some of the same stuff. Nothing new. No harm no foul I guess. It’s all about trying to draw a crowd and keep them entertained.

I watch this video and I feel like this Rick guy is just trying too hard. It just seems so “cheesy” doesn’t it. Aren’t kids (and their leaders) smarter than this? It’s hype for hypes sake and Christian emotionalism at its finest. I hate that we do this to teenagers.

It’s probably that I am just getting old. But I am so glad I got out of ministry if this is considered relevant.

16 thoughts on “Spinning Till I Puke”

  1. Oh God. I just heard the Holy Ghost Hodown. He cant even stay with one type of music.The ecstacy would have to be Chritianized. Maybe little crosses on the pills.

  2. Wow everything about this is like a cheesy 80s (including his interesting hair) knockoff of something. So the Church now thinks that partying like its 1985 is cool. Everytime I hear that song I still remember the video and that I thought they looked like gay pirates. I was 12 what did I know

  3. PS: and I think that Marilyn Manson does it much better, (and without the socks and shoes whirling in the air)

  4. Steve, you’ve got to use < HREF="www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwJwDffuOlw" REL="nofollow">this<> as your new intro theme for SCP…Woah…I just put his name in YouTube…words fail me.

  5. we didn’t Christianize “Hair Of The Dog” by Nazereth, nor did we touch “Ice Cream Man” by Van Halen.Toby Mac has some work to do.

  6. CheeeesssssseeeeeeeFEST!Anyone in their 20’s with THAT haircut IS trying to hard.Unless you are in a legitimate band making a LOT of money…

  7. I didn’t know Jack Black had a new film out…”Church of Rock”…I know the new Christian Film market was taking off, but this?All I can say is: thank the “Lordy” (Quote from our buddy Rick Pino, listen closely to his very last line at the end of the clip) that Smell-O-Vision hasn’t yet been incorporated by YouTube. Talk about being slain in the Spirit. Can you imagine what it smelled like in there? Ough…I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.I think we just need to stick with the classics people: < HREF="“www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-NOZU2iPA8”" REL="nofollow">Jesus is a Friend of Mine<>a timeless gem

  8. I do not thing that this is “done” to teenagers by anyone. It is as much cultural expression as were the Holy Rollers of the early 19th century Pentecostal Movement, and the Sufi whirling dervishes. It asks us to put our brain into neutral and let the experience take over – like a trance party or Led Zeppelin’s headbanging or being “in the moment” in a mosh pit. But not anything spiritually special or anointed by God. Just mind-free whirling…. and as Steve said – the need to puke as the giddyness wears off.

  9. LOL! For those of you with iTunes play this video with the volume turned down while listening to the “LiquidFM” trance station in the itunes “Dance” radio station category. Hilarious! It turns the whole video into some wierd rave party…

  10. I’ve never heard of this fella, either.Pure cheese, this. Turning a pop song into, for all practical purposes, yet another “jesus is my boyfriend” song. I couldn’t watch it all. Gag.

  11. Hi Steve. Just stumbled across your blog and LOVE IT!I work for a church in the UK and am so confused by so much of what we’re about and what we do in church in the West. It was much ‘easier’ when I viewed life and faith as black and white. Now everything seems to be grey. But I much prefer it being like that.All the best.Joe

  12. Presentation and application is everything. Here it was pure cheese. In the hands of TobyMac during a concert, however, I could see it being slightly less cheesy and possibly cool. The song was funny. Using it as a worship expression for a “Holy Ghost Hodown” was a bit too much for me though. I’m getting old too man.

  13. Talk about gay pirates? All I could think of when I seen those guys on the stage doing the Holy Ghost Hoedown was just how gay they looked doing it.

  14. sorry…< HREF="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-NOZU2iPA8" REL="nofollow">Jesus is a Friend of Mine><>< HREF="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwJwDffuOlw" REL="nofollow">SCP Theme><>

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