On November 4, here in California, voters showed themselves to be as crazy as most people already think we are. As a case in point, let me pick the three highly charged social issues on the ballot.

We voted to allow chickens to stretch their wings prior to killing them or their offspring. We voted to allow minor teens to get abortions without first notifying their parents. We voted to not allow gays and lesbians to enter into a legal contract called marriage.

Ok, the chicken thing I get. They show you these commercials of these poor, poor chickens packed in these cages and then the next video of these other chickens roaming free in an open pasture. Seriously…which way are you gonna vote huh? Poor chickens.

But here’s what I don’t understand about the next two results. It appears that voters in this state believe that a minor teenage girl should be afforded the right to get an abortion without speaking to her parents or even letting them know. On the flip side, gays and lesbians should be denied the right to make a mature and adult decision to get married.

Without arguing the merits of either proposition, the resulting vote staggers my mind. Apparently the majority of voters in CA believe in chicken rights and abortion rights but not human rights. I just don’t get it.

Regarding the gay marriage issue, for me it was simple. As I have stated before, if I was gay I wouldn’t worry about getting married. Straight people are the ones who have ruined marriage so I would seek for something better, however, it’s a basic fundamental good old American principle that we do not discriminate. To not allow mature adults the right to get married if they so choose, regardless of gender, is discrimination.

I guess I don’t get why we straight Americans cannot get over the “gay” thing. Especially most church people.

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