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SCP NATION is a collaborative blog made up of several authors who are long-time online friends that Josh and I have made since launching Stupid Church People. Each of these people discovered SCP early on and have been with us ever since.

The idea of SCP NATION is for each of these very unique individuals to continue chronicling their journey of life inside and outside the church. With the varying degree of personalities I think the site will oftentimes be hilarious and in the next moment insightful. I certainly expect (and hope) that once in a while we will continue to be irreverent. Everyone is so different that I think that this new site will have something for everyone.

Stupid Church People (this blog and site) will not be going anywhere and I will continue to write here as I have done for nearly the past four years. This is just the next step in blogging for me, to share and work with others in doing what we’ve always done… seek truth, bring light to the darkness, allow people to share their lives with one another, talk about our struggles without fear of judgment or repercussions and above all…a place to be honest about who we really are, with no pretense.

Currently, the roster of authors I have invited to join me are: Josh, NinjaNun, The Pete, Dorsey, Senor Jefe, Erik (from Ping Etc) and Zeke. My idea is to add authors to the roster from time to time to keep the content fresh and the perspectives challenging. Come check us out and I hope you enjoy the new site.

2 thoughts on “SCP NATION – The Next Step”

  1. Steve, I will add that site to my links of sites to visit – I like the fact you added quite a few new voices to the fold – an idea I just love (more people and more perspectives and more spectacle). You know where to find me.

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