A New Year List

I just watched the movie “The Bucket List”. It’s a good little flick that reminds us that we should really live life to the fullest. The movie reminded me how precious life is and how quickly times passes. No day like today.

Well I’m not writing a Bucket List, but I would like to jot down off the top of my head some things I’d like to focus on this year. These aren’t resolutions just things I want to experience and learn… and I know this will come by doing them.

1) Stand up for myself more often.
2) Trust my instincts and not think too much.
3) Have more spontaneous fun… again not think too much.
4) Laugh more.
5) Open my heart to new friendships.
6) Give more time to develop my current friendships.
7) Paint, create, write – share these things with others.
8) Create memorable and joyous moments with my boys.
9) Organize my house.

And I stop at nine, because I always tend to do things in list of 3’s or 10’s or some number that I think sounds perfect. And that’s just boring.

Have a great New Year everybody.


One thought on “A New Year List”

  1. You realize of course that in staying away from things like groups of 3’s, you just made a list of 3 groups of 3’s…a trinity of trinities, if you will. =)Love the blog, btw!

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