Stupid Church People™ Defined

In case you are wondering how I define what it means to be Stupid Church People™, here it is.

You are a stupid church person if….

1) You go to church now.

2) You’ve gone to church anytime in your past.

3) You no longer go to church, but instead talk about the (C)hurch being more important than the (c)hurch as justification.

4) You go to an Emergent style church (this makes you a church person with arrogance feigned as humility).

5) You are a pastor, pastor’s spouse, work at a church (unless you are the janitor), or have EVER been one of the above. (This is a guaranteed lifetime membership).

6) Have a book on your nightstand or shelves by Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll, Joel Osteen, Rob Bell, Tony Jones or any other pastor pretending to be an author for that matter.

7) Visit Stupid Church People™, or SCP Nation, or have listened to our podcasts, or are named Steve Chastain.

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