It’s not too late to contribute to the MS WALK which my son Bryson and I will be participating in tomorrow, April 19. As I said in a previous post, I am walking for my good friend and co-worker Genny who was diagnosed with MS about 1 year ago.

Genny is one of my heroes!! Her positive, upbeat and incredible attitude towards life has inspired me so much. I can only imagine what it means to live daily with this disease, but Genny never seems to have a bad day.I am so proud to be associated with this event.

Genny’s MS WALK team name is the MSFITS. The other day at work I was there watching her create the team shirts and snapped a photo of the logo that Genny designed. I thought I’d share it with you.

Each year I try to use this site to raise money for something I think is worthy. If this blog and our podcast has spoken to you over the years I hope you will consider the MS WALK as a way to show that appreciation.

The contribution site is open through May 22. Thank you.

MS WALK 2009 UPDATE: We had a great time and I think the foundation for some collaborative efforts to see the MSFIT NATION grow were born. Stay tuned. Thanks to each of you who participated through your financial gifts and well wishes. Here’s some pics from the day!

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