7 thoughts on “And the SCP Award Goes To….”

  1. My mom sent that to me in an email and RAVED about it. I told her it’s the most inane thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t normally like to criticize something someone has lovingly created with such good intentions, but when intentions conflict so obviously with reality, well, I have to speak up.

    Do people understand that the English language is a construct that the palindrome of DOG and GOD was not, in fact, created by God? The way this video parallels the way dogs are like God (!!) is borderline sacrilegious, but 100% in the realm of DUMB. However, in the interest of full disclosure: I am a cat owner.

  2. Admittedly the idea of DOG and GOD palindrome is kinda dumb but being a dog lover I see much more evidence of God in my dog then in a lot of people. The simple childlike unconditional love that few people posess. I guess my dog is part of the reason I still believe

  3. If God made everything and Dog reflects a part of God, then logically, CAT reflects a part of God, too. The part that treats me like the minion I am, and ignores me most of the time when I’m talking to him.

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