Pigs Trough

From Farrell’s Ice Cream Facebook Page: Pastor Rick Warren stopped in today to meet Bob Farrell, founder of Farrell’s who was on hand for the Farrell’s opening in Mission Viejo. Pastor Warren wanted to meet Bob as he and his wife went on their first date to Farrell’s in Riverside, Ca. He said they had so much fun and 8 days later he proposed! Rick posed with… the Farrell’s Corp officals seen below. He also shared a ZOO SUNDAE with Bob Farrell.

I just thought this picture was hilarious… for several reasons. But first, if you don’t know Farrell’s it was a really big ice cream parlor back in the day, and they are trying to revive it. It’s famous for things like the ZOO SUNDAE and the most popular… the PIGS TROUGH. If you ate a “Pig’s Trough” you got to stand up in front of the place while they made a big deal about it and gave you a sticker or something that said “I made a pig of myself at Farrell’s!”

Anyway, back to this picture. When I saw it I immediately thought of many interesting captions (and comments) that could go with it, but I will leave that up to you. The one I placed on the Farrell’s Facebook page is the title of this post. I thought it was short, sweet and was the perfect mixture of sarcasm and double entendre.

So now it’s your turn.