I’m Dreaming of an Honest Xmas

Santa doesn’t exist. What a relief.

This has been the first Christmas that our household has enjoyed being “Santa free”. It’s been the best Christmas ever.

We opened up our gifts last night. Yes, December 23rd. No more getting up at some God-forsaken hour on Christmas morning. It was more convenient for us to open gifts last night so we did. Today we will spend time with my girlfriend’s family and then the boys go to their mom’s to spend time with her. It’ll be my first Christmas day without the boys and I thought I’d be sad but I’m not. They get two Christmases and I get a weekend alone with the most beautiful woman on the planet. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Another thing, now I get full credit (or blame) for all the gifts instead of sharing it with someone else. That’s either a lot of pressure or a great relief. A weight bench, some socks and a wad of cash were the perfect gifts my oldest son. And for the youngest; an ipod, some headphones and lots of candy did the trick.

My mom sent us some money to buy gifts so I bought “DJ Hero” and “Rock Band 2” for the whole family. Last night we set up our band and began touring. Our name is “The Sleepers” and we rocked the house. I’m playing on drums. Look for us in a city near you!

The other day, my youngest asked me why we celebrate Christmas. I was actually proud that he didn’t know the “reason for the season”. So I told him the truth. The Christmas season is pretty much whatever you want it to be. For me it is primarily for spending time with your family and friends and sharing gifts because you love and appreciate each other.

For Christians, they use Christmas Day to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Jewish people have Hanukkah that remembers the war they fought for their freedom. Other religions have different celebrations during the winter months, but Christmas is mainly what we hear about in America.

By the end of that two minute lecture he was bored and wanted to know if we could get something to eat. So we did.

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