Muslims are just like Christians

CONSIDER: every devout Muslim has the same reasons for being a Muslim that you have for being a Christian. And yet you do not find their reasons compelling. The Koran repeatedly declares that it is the perfect word of the creator of the universe. Muslims believe this as fully as you believe the Bible’s account of itself. There is a vast literature describing the life of Muhammad that, from the point of view of Islam, proves that he was the most recent Prophet of God. Muhammad also assured his followers that Jesus was not divine (Koran 5:71; 19:30-38) and that anyone who believes otherwise will spend eternity in hell. Muslims are certain that Muhammad’s opinion on this subject, as on all others, is infallible.

“Why don’t you (Christians) lose any sleep over whether to convert to Islam? Can you prove that Allah is not the one, true God? Can you prove that the archangel Gabriel did not visit Muhammad in his cave? Of course not. But you need not prove any of these things to reject the beliefs of Muslims as absurd. The burden is upon them to prove that their beliefs about God and Muhammad are valid. They have not done this. They cannot do this. Muslims are simply not making claims about reality that can be corroborated. This is perfectly apparent to anyone who has not anesthetized himself with the dogma of Islam.

The truth is, you know exactly what it is like to be an atheist with respect to the beliefs of Muslims. Isn’t it obvious that Muslims are fooling themselves? Isn’t it obvious that anyone who thinks that the Koran is the perfect word of the creator of the universe has not read the book critically? Isn’t it obvious that the doctrine of Islam represents a near-perfect barrier to honest inquiry? Yes, these things are obvious. Understand that the way you view Islam is precisely the way devout Muslims view Christianity. And it is the way I view all religions.” – Sam Harris writing in ‘LETTER TO A CHRISTIAN NATION.

Early on in college I had a crush on a girl who was a Muslim. We studied together, hung out together and really got along well. She was not only beautiful but made me laugh and feel very good about myself. I liked her a lot.

But being a Christian, studying for the ministry and being a leader in my church, it was wrong to even consider a relationship with her. One day we were sharing a meal after class and it came to the subject of our religious differences. It was a topic we avoided for obvious reasons, but on this day we were putting our cards on the table. She asked me if I thought she was going to hell and I remember quite vividly telling her that based on what the Bible said, she was. The conversation went on, her trying to convince me to be open-minded on the subject and consider that maybe I was wrong. It never occurred to me to listen to her views on faith, because in my mind there was no debate.

After that night, I saw her around school but we never talked much again. That’s really sad when I think about it.