It’s Saturday, but Monday’s Comin’!

Easter weekend.

Easter eggs, bunny rabbits and Jesus raising from the dead. It all makes sense doesn’t it? Christians aren’t as offended by the Easter Bunny as they seem to be by Santa Claus. It’s not often you hear the cries to “put Christ back into Easter”. But even I was a little taken back when I saw this at a local store.



It’s such a mixed bag of metaphors. You have the cross, then you have the eggs attached to the cross, and then we have all the bunnies “worshipping” at the foot of the cross! As Aracely said to me at the time, “Well that’s a little strange.”

All of these ludicrous ideas have meshed themselves into one incredibly huge grab bag of bullsh*t! It’s like the marketers of religiousity all gathered in a room at some point in history and said,

“Alright, it’s going to be really hard to market and sell bloody crucifix’s for Easter. And tell me, how the hell do we make a tomb appealing to our target demographic. So here’s what we are going to do… Bunnies! Yeah you heard me… cute, fluffy bunnies. And these bunnies are very special because they lay eggs. Yeah, eggs. Not just any eggs, but multi-colored eggs! Trust me, if people can buy that Jesus raising from the dead story, they’ll certainly convince their kids that bunnies can shoot eggs out of their butts!”

I know, I know – this isn’t how it happened. In fact, I’m counting on at least one of you telling me the real story of how the Easter Bunny came into existence. But I like my story better so leave me to my delusions. It seems like a good weekend for them.