Delusional D-Day, May 21

May 21 is coming! Yes, the end of the world is upon us…. again. At least that’s what Harold Camping says.

You’ve probably heard about this already, but just in case, here’s a brief description of what is expected on that day.

On May 21, 2011 two events will occur. These events could not be more opposite in nature, the one more wonderful than can be imagined; the other more horrific than can be imagined.

A great earthquake will occur the Bible describes it as “such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.” This earthquake will be so powerful it will throw open all graves. The remains of the all the believers who have ever lived will be instantly transformed into glorified spiritual bodies to be forever with God.

On the other hand the bodies of all unsaved people will be thrown out upon the ground to be shamed.

The inhabitants who survive this terrible earthquake will exist in a world of horror and chaos beyond description. Each day people will die until October 21,2011 when God will completely destroy this earth and its surviving inhabitants.  ~ from

Today, I heard on the radio one of the followers of this movement (if it can be called that) proclaim his unshakeable faith and belief in this date. He has invested $140, 000 to help buy advertisements to tell others about the date and to warn them to repent.

During the interview, he was asked the question (and I’m paraphrasing), “So what happens when May 22 occurs and nothing happened. What do you think you will feel?” I couldn’t wait to hear his answer because this would be a very pivotal moment for this man. Certainly he’s given thought to the fact that he could indeed be wrong. Hasn’t he? His reply was a matter-of-fact “I wouldn’t even consider this because it’s going to happen.” He reiterated this two or three times. “It’s going to happen”.

Now you might consider this man to be a whack-job or crazy, but I don’t. It’s my contention after hearing him speak that he truly believes the conclusions he has reached after countless hours of study, research and reflection.

How different is he really than anyone else that has reached the same conclusions about the end times? Most, if not all, evangelical Christians believe the same thing about this day. I am sure many of them laugh at this man for setting a date when it will occur, however they probably don’t laugh at how he describes the events of Judgment Day.

I am certain that more revelation will come to light following May 21 that will allow Camping and his group to backtrack from this proclamation. I feel a little sad for the followers who are delusional enough to believe this nonsense. I hope they will be able to handle it when May 22 arrives and it’s just another boring day here on planet earth. No global earthquake. No rapture. No big deal.

Delusions are relative. At least these guys had the cojones to set an expiration date on theirs.

Until the next time.

Author: Steve

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