It’s Not All Relative

Recently, I watched a lecture by Dr. Peter Boghossian entitled “Jesus, the Easter Bunny, and Other Delusions: Just Say No!”. There was plenty of information to work through in his talk, most of which I agreed. Most of all, I was encouraged by his words. I hope to write about several points I enjoyed in the next few posts.

The first thing out of the gate that Boghossian mentioned was that “relativists will not be persuaded” by his lecture. Relativists believe that all points of view are equally valid. If you have every tried convincing a relativist of anything, it can be the ultimate experience of frustration.

I am finding more and more Christians, rather than abandoning their own faith, are becoming relativists. This was a phase that I went through after leaving the church, thinking that everyone has their own truth and God was big enough to figure it all out. I understood enough to know that I didn’t have all the answers nor could I proclaim exclusivity of my Christian beliefs, and I was more than willing to expand my “God” circle to include those from multiple faiths.

This made me appear “open-minded”. However, it’s actually the opposite. Relativism is just as “close minded” as absolutism. It’s a conversation stopper. If everyone’s faith is true, then what is there to discuss? Most people prefer not to be challenged or think through the ramifications of their beliefs. Relativism is a belief system that pleases everyone and no one at the same time.

The first step to being free from faith and living a life of reason is to stop trying to accommodate everyone. Not everyone’s point of view is valid. Everyone who has faith, regardless of where that faith is based, isn’t right..

There are things that are true and can be proven and things that cannot. The answer for those things that cannot be proven isn’t to accept everyone’s explanation (or even your own) as valid. It’s to admit you do not know.

Author: Steve

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