Faith Based Thinking is Unreliable

Dr. Peter Boghossian says that “faith based thinking is unreliable” in his recent lecture and I agree with him.

The question he asks is: “Are some ways of solving problems better than other ways of solving problems?” The answer is obviously yes. To support this, he gives a simple example.

If you want to know the measurement of a door, there are many ways you could go about getting the answer. You could ask your dog. You could sacrifice a goat to the gods. Or, you could use a tape measure. Those, among a multitude of others, are all ways of solving the problem you have in front of you. Of those three choices, obviously one is better than the rest.

The believers that I know, grab the tape measure, ask their dog to bless the measurement they are about to take and then take their measurement. Afterwards, they would give their dog the glory for the correct measurement they have received.

I would argue that most Christians are smart enough to not use faith on it’s own in resolving their problems. They use faith as a crutch, or as a way of making them feel better, or relieved, or whatever they need to get them through the problems they face. I just wish they’d be more honest about it.

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