Jesus Endorses Joseph Smith

1013-romney-religion-Republicans_Conservatives_full_600-300x200I am trying to wrap my brain around something. How do conservative voters who are also evangelical Christians allow themselves to support the Mormon Mitt Romney? I get it in the sense that his politics align closely with theirs perhaps, or maybe it’s just the commonality they share in hating Obama, but I know how Christians feel about Mormons… and it’s not so nice.

To a large portion of Christians in this country, Mormonism is considered a cult. Specifically Southern Baptists (the largest Christian denomination on the planet) teach that Mormonism is no different than Hare Krishna, Scientology or The Unification Church.

I would think Christians would consider it dangerous to have a Mormon in the White House. To most Christians, it would seem, giving the highest office of the land over into the hands of a cult member would be unthinkable. But many are prepared to do it.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with it. I think Rick Santorum is as much a member of a cult (Catholicism) as is Mitt Romney, and frankly I don’t see the difference. In fact, Santorum spouted much more incendiary religious dogma as he ran for the nomination. Romney seems to keep things fairly separate and that’s a good thing.

As the saying goes, “politics makes strange bedfellows”.