One Nation Under (insert favorite cult here)

I have many Facebook friends and friends of Facebook friends who are conservatives, Republicans and Christians.They are concerned about the course that this country is on and one of those concerns is what they believe is a moving away from the founding fathers belief in the Bible and God. For them, the United States was founded on Christian principles and we have lost our way.

So, in this election, they are choosing to vote for Mitt Romney.

I’m sorry, but I just don’t get the logical leap. On the Facebook page of Josh’s wife, Ashley, I posted this response to one such faithful Christian and I thought I’d share it here:

I’ve never understood how ultra-conservatives use the founding father’s belief in God and the bible as an argument to vote for someone who is diametrically opposed to all they hold dear. I guess I’ve never understood how bible believing Christians are justifying their vote for not only a cult member, but a former cult leader. A bishop in the Mormon church is NOT just a casual Mormon believer. Romney is heavily ingrained! He gives tens of millions of dollars to advance the cause of Mormonism around the world. If you are a bible believing Christian trust me, Romney does not believe in the same Bible or God that you believe this country was founded on. Not even in the slightest. As a bible believing Christian, the person you should have no problem judging is one who also believes Jesus is the brother of the devil (and if I’m not being plain enough – that’s what Mormons believe – among many other very non-Christian beliefs).

Please chime in here and help me understand.

Author: Steve

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