We Need God (or so we think)

I am reading more and more people on my FB feed that continue to use this logic: If something bad is happening to you or you are going through hard times, it’s ok because God is in control, or he is just testing you, or hard times make us love God more… or some other sort of nonsense.

Listen, believe what you want, but can’t you just take a tough time in your life for what it is: A tough time? Trust me, I’m all for looking for the deeper meaning of things, but that deeper meaning is nothing but my own mental gymnastics. I’m pretty certain that unless I’m living in complete la-la-land most of my hard times, problems or struggles can be traced back to some earthly cause or consequence – most of which would be of my own doing.

Even if you believe in God, the above logic just astounds me. God allows bad things to happen to you as a test? To make you stronger? To show he’s in control? Why would people subject themselves to this?

I guess it makes things easier to think that something outside of us can give us the answers to situations we can’t comprehend. I get it. But it’s silly. To me it’s not comforting at all to imagine a God who lets bad things happen to me to boost his own ego.