SCP ARCHIVES: A Pastor on Pastors

“A Pastor on Pastors” post was written back in July, 2007 when I still cared about pastors and for some reason thought they were special. I was still invested in the church to a certain extent and in some sense, I fancied myself to be a pastor to pastors. The SCP blog had become a stopping place for many like-minded individuals and several pastors, who were in various phases of having been burned by the church. I’m bringing this back up today because of a link on the Stuff Christian Likes Facebook page talking about pastors extraordinary spending habits.

Mega-church pastors especially see themselves as “franchise-players” as Ed Young calls himself here. Today’s version of the younger and dumber mega-church pastor (aka Steven Furtick types) are, often like their predecessors, pure and simple douche-bags. Why do people still attend churches like this? Because as Jesus called them, church people are sheep and will follow, support and idolize anyone that gives them a reason not to think for themselves. Stupid Church People get what they deserve.

The question I asked then was: “Can we save them (pastors) from themselves?” My answer today is “I hope not.”

Author: Steve

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