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SCP ARCHIVES – SHOW #1 – Re-release of our very first show, around April 1, 2005.

It was Josh’s idea to do a podcast. I had started writing the blog and Josh was a huge encouragement. We would get together and talk about church all the time. In 2005 podcasts were just taking off, and I had never really heard one at the time. It seemed like a good way to get our stories out and the current “religious” podcasts that were out were (and still are) by and large very, very boring. So we envisioned something a little different.

At the time, Josh was on staff of a church as a youth pastor. I was no longer in full-time ministry but was a volunteer at the same church, helping with the youth groups and also preaching on occasion whenever the Pastor was unavailable.

Josh and I were both just beginning to be very disenchanted with the way church worked. I guess I had been pretty burned out on church for awhile but was trying to figure my way through it. The new church we attended was hip and cool and we had made some friends there. However, the church and church culture was really beginning to wear on me. It seemed to be such a game. Josh and I were kindred spirits from different generations.

Our lives were forever altered by these podcasts we did together, but more by the friendship we forged together during this time. Josh and I spent many, many hours together during this time and as you can tell, we were pretty comfortable together.
We actually taped this first show (and I think the first few shows) in the church office where Josh worked. It’s pretty funny to think about it now… Josh and I going into the office late at night to record a show about how much we couldn’t stand the church. How appropriate!

This first show was a little rough around the edges, not great but not horrible. I think we get better.

Author: Steve

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