Tickle Me Jesus… Please.

SCP ARCHIVES – SHOW #2 – First released on April 22, 2005.

Listening again to this show you can hear Josh and I struggling with our involvement in the church. You can hear our growing discontentment with “the show” that the church had become for us. As insiders it was very apparent that each and every week church was a performance put on for an audience – and had moved far away from what we believed church should be. We were over it.

I recall now how underground the Stupid Church People blog and podcast was for us at that time. We were doing this very secret thing in plain sight, and I think we were somewhat concerned about the consequences. Here I was advocating for people to stop going to church to send a message while preparing to speak at my church that coming weekend.

But that had become part of the problem. The church we were attending had a formula it followed for each service, and as a speaker I had to conform. There needed to be a powerpoint, a special video or drama to illustrate the message, a thematic song and of course a message that lasted no less than 30 minutes.

Josh and I were tired of the show that the church had become. We longed for freedom from the church. The SCP Podcast had become that for us. This was just the beginning.

Author: Steve

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