Benny Hinn’s Road to Hell

SCP ARCHIVES – SHOW #3 – First released on April 24, 2005.

Josh and I take on faith healing extraordinaire Benny Hinn. We dissect some of his more entertaining prophetic statements.

Listen, I don’t even know if Benny Hinn is still in business or not, but it’s amazing he ever had an audience. There’s always room for more guys like him because there are always more Stupid Church People around that follow him.

But what about the fakes that are hard to spot? The wolves in sheep’s clothing?  My suggestion is that there are many more than you realize.

Remember when Mark Driscoll was at his peak? Whether you liked him or his style, for awhile there he was everywhere you looked. True to form he was building his kingdom at the expense of the people that gave him the platform.

The problem for Mark Driscoll, Benny Hinn and those like them is that they begin to believe their own bullshit. The problem for church people is that they typically like a pastor that believes his own bullshit. Funny how that works.

Author: Steve

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